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    *Care Bear Hug*
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    Funny IRC Quotes

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    Post your pictures here!

    What the *dance* are you two on about.
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    Post your Gaming Rigs/Gaming Space!

    Blue and black is probably at least as common as black and red at this point.
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    What was your hardest gaming challenge?

    First time playing UT against Nept. I beat it in the sense that I ended up at 0.
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    Vanquish's Humble Canadian Badge of Honor Award

    The thread is about humble Canadians not the best Canadian players.
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    Probrably the best BF3 jet takedown yet

    Nept actually bails out of his wounded jet, takes out the opposing pilot with his pistol, and steals his opponent's healthy jet.
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    Post your pictures here!

    Dem Quads.
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    How much should I spend on my girlfriend for her birthday

    I'd say $25-30, but I'm one of those rich poor college kids. The weird part is that it's so close to Valentine's Day that you almost ought to combine them. Off-topic: I love how everyone who goes to school enjoys indulging in that idea of the "poor college student" even when they've got a...
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    Currently Listening To...

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    SOPA and PIPA have nothing on this

    To be fair, if I was in a position to massively increase the amount of power that I have, I would probably do it too.
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    Fox will love this.

    Oh right, there is a member named Fox. I forget about things like that. I meant Fox as in the broadcasting company in the States.
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    Fox will love this.
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    Currently Listening To...

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    BUY IT?

    oh look, it's this thread again.
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    I buy behind-the-head headsets because they don't mess up my hair. True story.
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    What is your opinion on SOPA?

    We're protecting American jobs by stopping foreign thieves from pirating our intellectual achievements. It seems like a damned admirable attempt at protecting our entertainment industry.
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    Favorite Flavored Crisps!

    I cannot find a picture, but they're called Tony's Tortilla Chips. Made in a little town outside my hometown metro area. Cannot get them at school. :(