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  1. Draconator

    Constructive Critisism

    Hi there folks! I bet that some of you forgot me and most of the community still dont know me. For those who don't - I'm Draconator and I used to play Legions back in Instant Action in 2008-2010 For these years I've been away due to finals, a lack of interest and other hobbies but I never...
  2. Draconator

    Trail and Glow Color

    I was thinking that it would be nice to select your really own color of jet trails and your eye's or other glowing stuff... it's now not relevant that you and your allies have blue glow and the enemies got red(all of them has an indicator over their head wheter they're your allies[green] or...
  3. Draconator

    Hosting a game

    When the devs are going to bring this abillity back?(and no I'm not spamming) P.S: what about skins, helmets and quickchats selection?
  4. Draconator

    Base Assets

    I would like to see in legions some big bases with assets like in the Tribes series... this will add more team play aspect by destroying and repairing and all these stuff... and... idk... -Turrets: defense of course... -Sensors: increased range -Inventory stations: instead of respawning all the...