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  1. Freeman


    dont ever 4get it #tvg
  2. Freeman

    Getting mad at your players during PuGs.

    lol just don't suck xDDD
  3. Freeman

    Where is everyone???

    never give up
  4. Freeman

    Summer CTF Tournament

    can i join 2?
  5. Freeman


    *paging ucantry2run*
  6. Freeman

    random pictures

    god damnit game of thrones...
  7. Freeman

    pugs and pug night

    people like their variety though. if someone wants to play heavyO or midfield, its generally up to the captain. also, "encouraging" people to play a set way really hinders creativity. yea, its arguable the most effective strat (3 O, 4 D), but let them the captains do whatever they want. if...
  8. Freeman

    Legions International Competitive League - Season 2

    let someone else host it, or just decide on the rules by yourselves. put on your big girl panties already.
  9. Freeman

    Legions System Requirements

    from the FAQ
  10. Freeman

    Eye floaters

    i dont get them im blind
  11. Freeman

    Legions International Competitive League - Season 2

    just also pointing out that i'll be subbing for any team
  12. Freeman

    Legions International Competitive League - Season 2

    sub me in c0ach
  13. Freeman

    North Korea

    can you format your posts (HIT ENTER) a bit better please? its extremely hard to read as it is right now.
  14. Freeman

    North Korea

    north koreas missles dont even have the range to actually hit america. if theyre gonna attack, itll be against the south/japan first (last).
  15. Freeman


    you get other people to buy you games too?!!? no? only me?
  16. Freeman

    random pictures

    guiz. guiz listen. i found mUkhTar AKA gUnDaMeXIaZeRozEro
  17. Freeman

    Harlem shake :D

    got nothing on the bernie
  18. Freeman

    Donating A Few New Servers

    internet wiz here. the magic conch shell says: "maybe someday"
  19. Freeman


    live/legions/preferences/prefs (cs file) $Pref::Input::MouseAccel = 0; ^is what you're looking for
  20. Freeman

    Useful Links for Fixing Computers

    first world problems