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    Whew, good thing I haven't changed my password in awhile.

    Just FYI, the discord is technically more popping
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    News Maps to Download

    Xzanth can't be reached so you need to download them manually and replace the files in the missions folders
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    What I want to discuss in general...

    As per the discord. November 20th 6 to 7 eastern we are playing
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    Some Legions 2 Artwork

    Omg its Derek! What up, and *dance* yeah those are awesome
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    Would it be worth buying the rights?

    I'd be lying if I haven't thought about buy the IP at many points over the years. Glad I'm not the only one. I love making maps for this game, so if we'd get it back I'd totally be down to help map. If there was traction with this I'd also love to help develope it more in depth. I am more of...
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    Ah, like I said I'm kinda retarded *Alex Jones face*
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    Im down, but with a catch. I only care to HoF. (weird, considering I hated doing it back in the day. hindsight 20/20) unfortunately the EMP outright makes playing it impossible. Yeah I understand a HoF is hard to deal with as a capper, but everyone was also going against a select few that did...
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    Saturday, June 10th PUG Night

    the ONE time I have a weekend to myself and this happens. (*dance* yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees) Only play if I can HoF, and if I remember.
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    Nostalgia thread

    Some of us stop by every once in awhile
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    To Legions...

    Man, its been a ride. Some of you may not know, but I started playing Legions just under a month after it came out. I played it here and there. It wasnt till a few months later that, On Bladerun, Deathball23 of the 57th Midnight Squadron invited me to IRC and Vent. You see, Legions was my first...
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    Post your pictures here!

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    Post your Gaming Rigs/Gaming Space!

    Nothing you do is EVER wrong Seymour. We love you to much to yell at you.
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    Base 2 Base for Prophet.

    Thats why I left... wait, *chocolate cookies*
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    ah, I didnt reload the page, I got it to work.
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    Pro-Tip: The map was intentionally made to have easy front routes. Its supposed to play like frost. Use side routes sparingly, and go nuts on the front ones. If people havent figured it out, I dont know what to say... get off Frost and *dancing* Zenith. My take: Frost OTtN Zenith (if its a large...
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    your opinion on tribes wanted

    holy *chocolate cookies*. I loved Sierra. Hopefully they get some good releases, and ya know, not *dancing* screw up...
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    Team Zeta

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    L:O' failings-and-future

    Legions didnt fail. IA did. Once the last major 'Thursday' update happened, it began to 'die'. Not for months did we have anything new... till Mabel, we PuG tested some of Mabels tweaks, that got in eventually, then silence once more. Then Nanu servers and the EU ones came online. Then those...
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    New Game - MIDAIR

    Seymour, Bears need fur... stop shaving!