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  1. moronval

    To Legions...

    Do the mornaval
  2. moronval

    Windows 10

    I'm only here because I might as well be. I liked 7 so I hope 10 will fill the void
  3. moronval

    random pictures

    mich you're god damn beautiful i love it
  4. moronval

    InstantAction bot

    I remember this, this is really cool to see after all this time.
  5. moronval

    New Game - MIDAIR

  6. moronval

    Legions and Memory

    i found your issue, you're running inefficient hardware
  7. moronval

    Post your Gaming Rigs/Gaming Space!

    do yourself a solid and don't mettle with overclocking
  8. moronval


    i'd go but i work at that time
  9. moronval

    Competitive VODS
  10. moronval

    New Game - MIDAIR

    LOL HOLY *chocolate cookies* HIS EYES PLEASE
  11. moronval

    Curious little fishy

    that's some spooky *chocolate cookies*. tape a lamp shade over it and see who shows up
  12. moronval

    New Game - MIDAIR

    can i just buy the game so i don't have to dance around with that freemium bullshit
  13. moronval

    L:O' failings-and-future

    *dance* me
  14. moronval

    L:O' failings-and-future

    There were a lot of good people with positive attitudes who worked hard to bring the community close together all throughout this game's history, but who cares because some random new player shows up and "60% of the community is garbage trash" "I just dont give a *dance* about any of you"
  15. moronval

    New Game - MIDAIR

  16. moronval

    L:O' failings-and-future

    Defender is a swell and upstanding citizen
  17. moronval

    New Game - MIDAIR

    what the *dance* are you saying support their project you little *chocolate cookies*
  18. moronval

    New Game - MIDAIR

    kill yourself, kid. Great trickle of news to hear from these guys. I'll be excited to follow what comes of everything.
  19. moronval

    Team Zeta

    truly some of the best times
  20. moronval

    Team Zeta

    and how about that there IA interface (jesus christ)