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  1. xzzxxz

    Bringing back regular PUGs

    woah...its been a while
  2. xzzxxz

    Download my first mod

    my mod works i had the unlimited energy 4 a while already tho mine has like 200 :D
  3. xzzxxz

    Download my first mod

    nice start ;) my mod has unlimited OD, explosive CG with higher firing rate, Explosive shotgun, suuuuper jump, ultra fast running speed and more. we should get together and have some brain farts :D
  4. xzzxxz

    Legions intro video.

    i kan do that XP
  5. xzzxxz

    Tutorial Mode [Very long post warning]

    amma make a video when i get my headset fixed :p
  6. xzzxxz

    M134A1 Vulcan Minigun

    how did you increase fire rate?
  7. xzzxxz

    Just a few more people?

    id be glad to help out with tutorials since i have some time on my hands and i also have been teaching some new people lately and lemme tell u they NEED a tutorial session badly.
  8. xzzxxz
  9. xzzxxz

    My first legions video

    wuh :P
  10. xzzxxz

    My first legions video

    best of both my friend im kidding and i wish they were real :P
  11. xzzxxz

    My first legions video

    what?????? i said looks like he was using lock on rockets :P
  12. xzzxxz

    My first legions video

    sounds like someone is using lock on rockets >.>
  13. xzzxxz

    Download [RELEASE]- CgX, A Chaingun Package

    link broke :(
  14. xzzxxz

    Maps dont load

    Idk if this is a bug but i downloaded 5 new maps but when i start them up they just dont load. the loading screen comes up but they never
  15. xzzxxz

    "New Features Downloads" category

    i agree dood as soon as i posted this the download tab was up but when we want a page to show new people this awesome game called Legions is like not a damn thing happens :/
  16. xzzxxz

    "New Features Downloads" category

    well atleast something good was a result of all this :)
  17. xzzxxz

    "New Features Downloads" category

    i propose the devs make a new forum thread or category specifically for new map downloads, script downloads, mod downloads(like the unofficial mod thread) and so on. I'm just thinking its a good idea so its less complicated to find map downloads and such. But its the communities choice :)
  18. xzzxxz

    Download Public Code Snippets

    thanks and is there a way to change the spread to llike a circle or square where all the buckshot will go?
  19. xzzxxz

    Download Public Code Snippets

    how do i change the amount of buckshot or bullets coming out of the shotgun?
  20. xzzxxz

    How do i add weapons to loadout options?

    thanks much man :)