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    You're right in that for Joshua personally, it's the sort of thing that needs build up, but in the grander scheme of things, he's actually a rather minor character that just starts a couple domino chains. His son is a far more important character. I've actually got ten of the stories written...
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    yeah, same universe
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    A while back, I made mention of intent to release assorted things. The following is the first of hopefully many, but I'm interested in hearing thoughts on a smaller piece before I dump large volumes of things on the internet. Over the past nine years, I've been dreaming up a science fiction...
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    Come Poke Some Holes In My Legalese!

    Over the past several years, I've been attempting to write a science fiction novel. The realization I've come to over the past few weeks is that I am not skilled enough to write a novel for my world. What I have done, however, is create what I believe is a very fertile world in which others...
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    Eye floaters

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    Just saw Obama speak live at my University, nbd ;)

    Personally I'm not a fan of Obama, but if he came to Purdue, I'd still probably go. I mean, regardless of whether or not I'm a fan of the man, I am of the office, and it's still a neat story to tell.
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    North Korea

    Free Radical, you really needn't capitalize random words...
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    North Korea

    My understanding of the bombing of Pearl Harbor was that the Japanese didn't want us interfering with their imperialism. Perhaps this is false.
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    North Korea

    What you say is largely true. In both The Great War and WWII, we attempted to stay out of things as long as possible. Eventually in WWII, U-boat attacks on our trading vessels plus the threat of advanced technology were primary reasons to become involved directly. In all likelihood, Germany...
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    North Korea

    As time progresses, their technology will advance. I doubt they'll ever try open warfare (even after they get ICBM's) unless the US collapses or something simply because we have the capacity to glass Pyonyang. That said, they'll probably keep up skirmishes and various other annoying things.
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    Weapon Feedback

    Radius damage is 3... Almost all of the Blaster's damage is in its DoT.
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    Quickloadout buttons not reassigning....

    You have to manually bind them. It's some weirdness between Torque and the numberpad.
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    UV Glow in dark tattoo

    what's it look like under normal light?
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    3rd person OD edit

    I made this same sort of thing a while back. When you go into OD, you switch to third. When you exit OD, you go back to first. Nice to see others taking interest in Legions scripting!
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    Why do you prefer Live over 1.4?

    I would just like to point out that there is no option for most people are in the live server and that there is also no option for "I do primarily play 1.40"
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    Kill Trigger

    Warp core damage is something like 10 damage. It shouldn't ever kill you except that you're having it do miniscule damage every tick which eventually adds up I suppose. Also, I made something equivalent to this when working with Pop on the Pipe Challenge. EDIT: in 1.4, the variable got...
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    How to code C++?

    C++ is a popular language because it is powerful and fast. Java often ends up being used for things because it is easier to program in. Legions is written in TorqueScript whereas the Torque engine itself is written in C++. Most any game company that uses a proprietary engine will require you to...
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    How to code C++?

    What do you want to use the language for?
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    How to code C++?

    Do you know C or Java or some other language?
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    Long Term Stats [Mod Development Journal]

    it's 4:45 eastern time