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  1. Jordahan

    Who owns the game currently?

    Unfortunately, I can assure you that the cost is far beyond what would be worthwhile.
  2. Jordahan

    Duel Thread

    I mean, it was an ok core, no real need to mock it's subpar duel skills, in-game awareness and general BO.
  3. Jordahan

    Behind the scenes.

    SunDance was a really fun map that was legit almost done. I believe it just fell by the wayside to make way for InstantJam. I wish I had managed to salvage some of this stuff from my old family PC before it got toasted. I had a ton of files from IA-era FELT. Quarry is still a flaming piece of...
  4. Jordahan

    [Giveaway] DRAWING MARCH 21ST 5PM EST [Giveaway]

    Correct. If you don't want to use it, you don't have to.
  5. Jordahan

    Nostalgia thread

    I remember you, what's up dude! Legions still has some diehards like yami who try to organize games and PUGs but most people have shifted to, a game made by some of the community members/devs from here.
  6. Jordahan

    Old image archive?

    /me runs
  7. Jordahan

    Old image archive?

    This sounds like a job for Fixi.
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    To Legions...

    Shout out to The_Phroo for getting me into my first PUG. Been playing this game since 2nd/3rd wave of closed beta after MungeParty brought me in. Met a lot of people who I consider to be some of my best friends, got a job from it, Midair was born from it, was an escape from some tough times back...
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    I'll be there.
  10. Jordahan

    Hotswap Servers

    RIP Sweet Prince. We had a good run. Just want to give a thanks to everyone who contributed and helped along the way. Legions holds a very special place in my heart and has lead to a lot of great friendships. I'll 100% be there to say good night.
  11. Jordahan

    New Game - MIDAIR

    When we know them! We are still optimizing Midair and as such don't have exact requirements.
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    I was totally with you until this. MadHank was kind of a piece of *chocolate cookies*.
  13. Jordahan

    New Game - MIDAIR

    Or your body odor.
  14. Jordahan

    New Game - MIDAIR

    I've stated this before, but as someone who played v. little tribes and an ungodly amount of legions: skiing is fine. It's weird at first not having downjet but you get used to it quick. I've even capped in a few PUGs and once or twice wasn't terrible at it. :p
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    E D G Y +1
  16. Jordahan


    Euros. :rolleyes:
  17. Jordahan

    Make all nades combo'able.

    Pineapples, you could just tear someone up with them.
  18. Jordahan

    How To Captain - A Guide for Rookies and Pros

    V. good post. 5/7. I'll also add, that if you are captaining, it is totally fine to say "Hey ____, what position do you play?" before making your pick. Asking questions is encouraged and knowing peoples strengths/weaknesses helps cut down on imbalanced teams.
  19. Jordahan

    Post your pictures here!

    I watch your snap stories all the time and think wow u r so handsome.
  20. Jordahan

    New Game - MIDAIR

    Yes! We are planning on having skins and voice packs, as well as some other cosmetic goodies.