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    Nostalgia thread

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    Directing Star Wars

    Don't forget about Fringe!
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    what are you watching right now?

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    Post your pictures here!

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    Desktop Backgrounds

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    Post your pictures here!

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    HAWKEN beta

    Yep, just got my alpha invite. Haven't gotten the chance to play a whole lot just yet, but the little that i have was awesome. Can't wait to dig into it more.
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    Post your Gaming Rigs/Gaming Space!

    Woo cellphone quality pic.
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    Currently Listening To...

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    get your butt on vent

    get your butt on vent
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    Skyrim Photography

    Shazbot! Yeah, you've got to be careful when changing an existing character's race. You can lose your skills, and in your case, corrupt a save file. Try loading back to an earlier save and let me know how it goes. I'll try to help ya the best I can.
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    Skyrim Photography

    I'm getting the impression that you guys think these are very cool. Thanks! I'll be uploading more in the future once I clear out some bugs that I've encountered lately. :p
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    Huge Update Around the Corner

    Nice work, looking forward to messing around with that dodge core.
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    Skyrim Photography

    Anyone still playing Skyrim these days? I just picked it up over the steam summer sale. Been getting into the in-game photography element to it lately, and felt like sharing a few screens of my character. Please tell me what you think, and post your own if you like. On a side note, if any...
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    The "Everyone Who Likes Call of Duty Sucks" Thread

    Did... they finally increase the grahpical detail in COD? Looks like the lighting is a bit better than previous titles. Perhaps it's just the DOF blurring things out, giving it the illusion of having better graphics though. :p
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    Reveal your T:A nick!

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    Steam summersale

    Grabbed all of the Quake titles for 17 bucks, not bad. Edit: Just picked up Alpha Prime, Hydrophobia: Prophecy and Project Freedom all for 3.22! :D
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    Currently Listening To...

    I've favourited just about every track you've posted in this thread since it's inception, love your music tastes.
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    Currently Listening To...

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    Currently Listening To...

    Dat Caravan Palace ^