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  1. 3lionz

    Extremely regular freezes occur while playing offline

    The probable reason why your LAN isn't working is that I didn't include the port in the command, sorry bout that. The correct one would be client::joinserver("<IP>:<port>"); The default port is 28001. e.g. client::joinserver("");
  2. 3lionz

    Extremely regular freezes occur while playing offline

    First of all, to answer your questions. 1) You activate the console by pressing Ctrl + ~ or ctrl + ` (Depending on your keyboard type) 2) Depending on how your network is set up, you need to find the internal IP (normally starts with 192.168) of the PC you want to connect to and use it with the...
  3. 3lionz

    Console Commands

    Finally. A way to set comic sans to default.
  4. 3lionz

    Xbox One

    While I can see the point that it may not directly affect you personally, I can see why people are very against the idea of 24 hour DRM. For those who don't have a stable internet connection (mobile or otherwise) this could be a problem. I personally do not like the idea that people are forced...
  5. 3lionz

    Error report (dont send) when pushed play in the launcher

    Have you followed the instructions shown in the reply to that thread?
  6. 3lionz

    You know me, just fallin' 120+ like a baus. you madpuddijelli? :)

    Over 120 with just one parachute jump.
  7. 3lionz

    How to code C++?

    In all seriousness, I found this site to be pretty good:
  8. 3lionz

    Long Term Stats [Mod Development Journal]

    Hokay. So basically, with legions being busy with 1.4 and two of the original developers now deving for upcoming 1.4, this has been put on hiatus. However, when legions dev for 1.4 slows down, we should be able to push this to release. Just a few bugs to iron out, but don't expect anything...
  9. 3lionz

    what are you watching right now?

  10. 3lionz

    Flame thread

    Does not recognize own mother.
  11. 3lionz

    Sweat Dissolving my Mouse?

    Volt. You have acid for hands. I fail to see the problem here. Just go rob a crapload of mice with your awesome powers.
  12. 3lionz

    Huge Update Around the Corner

    Everyone will fall into depression. Suicide rates for relative countries would increase, would become a placeholder and seymour will run off with all the cash.
  13. 3lionz

    Huge Update Around the Corner

    My guess is that you will be able to change points, level on start of map and what deployables are available. (Maybe even make your own.) Maybe.
  14. 3lionz

    IRC on my phone

    Well first we need to know what phone you have... I am going to ASSUME it's an android. (Because android is best.) I personally use yaaic, but I am thinking of switching (fissurez mentioned a new one with features like in app logging etc.) As for andchat, this is what I did when I installed...
  15. 3lionz

    Minecraft Build Special Someone

    Are you kidding me? This would be the walls of my HOUSE. IRL.
  16. 3lionz

    Huge Update Around the Corner My little tutorial thing. Still very old and full of errors. I am lazy, may change it sometime. Feel free to rage at me/ask access so you can change it your damn self :> (Back on topic. Again.) Hope we will...
  17. 3lionz

    Long Term Stats [Mod Development Journal]

    I am taking it that by "putting it into the game" you can, for example, click someones name in game and get the statistics of that player, if they have the mod installed. At the moment, this is an unofficial mod which the developers of legions overdrive (as a whole) do not support. It is built...
  18. 3lionz

    Long Term Stats [Mod Development Journal]

    'tis back. Dropbox was under heavy load.
  19. 3lionz

    Long Term Stats [Mod Development Journal]

    The last 15 seconds is the point where the timer goes negative. Once the timer is negative, that means the round has ended and no score will be added.
  20. 3lionz

    Long Term Stats [Mod Development Journal]

    Little bit closer to completion! The updater has been successfully debugged and finally works without errors. (Stupid xp and icon support...) A recent screenshot from shisk shows the new and more in depth view of your game during the last 15 seconds of the match, where you would normally be...