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  1. Novaz

    I'm back =)

    I'm back after a who knows how long hiatus! I missed the community and hope to meet a lot more people and hopefully see some old names around. I recently just built a new computer, my old one couldn't do games anymore (piece of *chocolate cookies*). Anyways, look forward to getting back into Legions :D
  2. Novaz

    Post your pictures here!

    I might have to do it...
  3. Novaz


    Can you guys just hop off his wood about his spelling?
  4. Novaz


    1k one and a half weeks in? impressive
  5. Novaz


    So it still isn't fixed..?
  6. Novaz


    Sorry for the vague title but I didn't know what to call this. I logged in and went to the Kilgharrah server. The first time it said I didn't have the right version of Legions to play. I closed it and tried again this time it worked but the game is all weird. I didn't have any rets, the chat was...
  7. Novaz

    Post your pictures here!

  8. Novaz

    Post your pictures here!

    Looking rough in geometry haha, but there ya go. Now everyone who doesn't have me on Facebook knows what I look like.. Picture with baby :D
  9. Novaz


    Sin your first post needs editing, we have Shaska and Skip now.
  10. Novaz

    Fastest grab speed.

  11. Novaz

    Download Some reticles I made

    No I mean the new weapons!
  12. Novaz

    Download Some reticles I made

    Can you make similar ones for the new ones please? These are beautiful and it would be much appreciated if you could do more!
  13. Novaz

    1,000 Point Challenge

    You know, something light.
  14. Novaz

    Video Card Help

    I know some members in the Legions community know how to tweak their graphics card, whichever model it may be. I also know that it helps their gameplay and increases their FPS by a good amount. I was hoping the people that know how to do that would spend some time, helping the people who don't...
  15. Novaz

    Plasma Bug

    I play with 800x600 resolution, and blatantly legions lite. This glitch happens when I have my Plasma out. The big white block rarely moves unless I'm jetting in the air and pointing my reticle down at a weird angle. 
  16. Novaz


    Oh, alright. Damn I need a mouse :\. I'd play in the scrims. Haha I'm getting kinda pissed off. You should've listed Cuz in the first place though.
  17. Novaz


    Sin, is Cuz not playing anymore?
  18. Novaz


    I'm pretty sure the ElementTown member's playing Legions now, have played before, so feel free to ask any of us questions or tips, even though we aren't that good we'd be happy to help anyone.
  19. Novaz

    LAuth has stopped working

    Getting the same message as Utada :\, I ran it as administrator, not sure what UAC is.
  20. Novaz

    Early Preview Begins!

    I was a few days late on the Beta Testing application... </3.