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  1. Sin

    How To Captain - A Guide for Rookies and Pros

    The past few PuG nights have seen their fair share of controversies. A bit of salt has also been present, and a lot of it has to do with the lack of captains or bad decisions by captains. There's probably a good 5 or 6 of us willing to captain, and with as many as 24 players showing up recently...
  2. Sin

    Shield Core Bug

    Whenever a player is using shield core and dies by the napalm effect, the shield image remains.
  3. Sin

    Bristoe Family Farm :')

    It's so nice to see a family come together
  4. Sin

    PuGs and Positions - Playing Them Right

    Recently in PuGs, I've noticed a small general increase in newer players. As they come along, I find that many are new to our type of game, and have no knowledge of positions, or what to do in PuGs. After this, one thing almost always happens: They get yelled at. To prevent this, or at least...
  5. Sin


    I'm heading up a new legions team, just for fun. Looking for scrims, and members. -ET- is inactive as a team for now, we're considering other games. Roster: Sin Shaska
  6. Sin

    Final Leg/Hand.

    A lot of discussion has been arising in threads that don't need derailing, so I decided to post up a little thing I wrote just now. Great idea yami with that weapon idea :D But IMO, my leg is a bit more intimidating. I'd rather have my own loadout with my left leg being this: This was around 3...
  7. Sin

    Headset Help?

    I recently bought a Turtle Beach z6a headset. I opened it up this morning, read the PC Setup instructions, and then I tried to follow them. The z6a uses a USB, and 4 analog connectors. The 4 analog are normally colored as to my knowledge, pink, green, black, and orange. They are also labeled...
  8. Sin

    Public Test Combos?

    Uhm, not sure if you people are aware, but you completely screwed over boost combos. Not playing that until it's fixed. :confused:
  9. Sin


    Pickup. shaska chase. sin hof. Result:
  10. Sin


    So lately I've been hearing some from of my friends that simply buying an ethernet (I think that's what it's called?) cord would speed my my internet and pull my ping down. I'm running wireless at the moment, about 4 feet from the router. If I should get a cord, what kind? Any specific brands/specs?
  11. Sin

    Memorial Day

    Well, it's Memorial Day. If you would, just take a moment of respect for our fallen heroes who have defended our great country.
  12. Sin

    Servers Down

    Scratch. Lock. This is no longer relevant.
  13. Sin


    This is @ all the stupid players in games who keep saying this game needs more maps, guns, modes, etc. The devs worked their little tushes off for us to even be able TO PLAY THE GAME. I'm happy that legions even still exists! This isn't their job, they don't get paid, they have lives. They are...
  14. Sin


    Anybody up for a scrim vs. -ET-? We're looking for competitors! Message me with desired date and time, and I'll see if we can pull it off! No trolling plox.
  15. Sin


    I'm getting really tired of trolls who just rabbit the whole game. It's starting to make legions not fun. Seriously.
  16. Sin

    Happy MLK Day
  17. Sin

    Legions Facebook?

    I see a couple old FE:L facebooks, but none that look official for L:O. Maybe we should get one going, with pics vids and stuffs. Thoughts?
  18. Sin

    LAuth has stopped working?

    So, I open up me legions folder, double click the launcher as usual and I get: "LAuth has stopped working" Windows is checking for a solution to the problem....A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available...? :(
  19. Sin


    I can't find the old file slot where I used to put rets....Does it still exist? Or do I need to get some sort of mod for legions that allows rets?
  20. Sin

    Username or password incorrect?

    So, it won't let me login, I have the patcher and all newly downloaded, and recently had a name change. Should I try making a new acct?