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  1. MightySheep

    Additive Manufacturing, 3d Printing

    I don't know much about this subject and I've only just heard of it and that's what I find suprising because it's a pretty big thing! It is only in early stages but lots of predictions that it will completely revolutionize manufacturing in the fact that it will be a lot cheaper/easier, it adds...
  2. MightySheep

    This song.

    I know there's lots people in this forumz that have a good taste in music :)
  3. MightySheep

    Nyan Cat Progress Bar

    You may have seen it on youtube but now you can have it on your pc :D all you have to do is download it, extract it to a folder, run the .exe and then fap as you copy items or anything which requires progress bar I just finished copying all my music from my mp3 player to my pc and it was...
  4. MightySheep


    I use a lot of forums but I can't remember ever seeing a thread which was just about cool-looking bridges :) Here are a few I found: I think this is so awesome, don't know why Look how long this thing is :) some really nice views while travelling across that one too What a sexy bridge...
  5. MightySheep

    Desktop Backgrounds

    Post your sexy backgrounds here! :) I made this one yesterday:
  6. MightySheep


    As you might have guessed, this thread is for asking questions Hopefully someone will answer them... that is the job of the community manager I think I'll start: Will there be fall damage or no fall damage?