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  1. Xzanth

    Legions Video - Upload your demos!

    With PUG nights having all but stopped and the player base dropping off, I thought the time was right for making something I've wanted to make for a while, a video for Legions a la Legacy or BOTB, hopefully with plays from anyone and everyone. If anyone has been recording demos (check your...
  2. Xzanth

    [Guide] How to set up a dedicated server

    This guide has been requested quite a bit so here's a quick guide on one way of running a legions dedicated server. In this example I'll be using Debian 7 x32 and I'll assume you've ssh'd (if it's a remote server) or opened a terminal (if it's a box you own) as root. Anything in this font is a...
  3. Xzanth

    Team Rabbit

    Team Rabbit v1.0.0 download A new legions game mode inspired by the popular tribes game mode: team rabbit. Pass the flag among your team for points. EU Official Server - [DE] Harabec TRabbit Installation Simply extract the zip file to your live directory, if successful it should create...
  4. Xzanth

    The XzApp Mod Collection

    In case anyone is dragging up old threads for some reason: TeamRabbit - coming up in 1.4 Canyon - lost the files :p Genesis - already in
  5. Xzanth

    Minecraft, anyone?

    Howdy, just wondering how many of you still play minecraft. I remember having some good times playing with you guys on crash's server, when IA was still alive. I still play minecraft quite a lot now, mainly when pubs make me cry and I need some time to relax. Recently though, I've been finding...
  6. Xzanth

    Username Issues

    Without a graphics card I can't do much to help but I found this: When choosing/changing your username you are able to put -, =, ., and _ characters in it. Unfortunately the launcher/login system doesn't seem to be able to login you in properly if you have these characters in your name, it...