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  1. eldermimmmi

    2 bugs of the new update

    I found two bugs: 1. When I use handgrenades I don't see them flying. So I see only the explosion. - *fixed* 2. When I mid-air s.o with GLII (I used Cluster class) it doesnt say "try to...." but "got lessons in b...". EDIT: Bug 1 seems to be fixed now. EDIT²:3. GLII nade mas tend to bounce off...
  2. eldermimmmi

    [QC] Quick Clips

    Here I want to collect different 'Quick Clips' of LO because imo skill vids are always the same (ma-fest). So upload some stuff either funny, lucky or of pure ownage ;). Or post vids here that are already uploaded! Darklord - Sick Ma on Mornaval //...
  3. eldermimmmi

    No Sound -Bug + 1 "Solution"

    Like in FE:l it sometimes happens that the sound turns off. Restarting game or pc doesn't help. Does any body know how to solve this problem? I have my sound again because I redownloaded the L:OD - files.
  4. eldermimmmi

    Help! Lost my files.

    I insert my lovly done hud into the legions folder but the "dancing" autopatcher deleted them. I don't know why but I didnt make a copy of my hud/objectiveIcons. and now they are gone. Is there any chance to get them back?? Are they deleted completely from my pc or can I find them anywhere?