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    Duel Thread

    I mean we don't really "get together" anymore to be quite honest. That might be something we can fix if we can settle on a daily playing time. There's a chance of people joining if you linger in-game for a while, thanks partially to this handy tool that shows you when people are on without you...
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    Duel Thread

    I can't wait either dude get a move on
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    Duel Thread

    I had a good time.
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    Duel Thread

    nobody there wants to fight me
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    Duel Thread

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    Duel Thread

    I swear to god it's like you saw a girl for the first time in six months and ur brain went "Oh *chocolate cookies* what's something girl-related that I can say" Please stop
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    Duel Thread

    Post here if you wanna duel. If enough peeps are interested I'll start asking for everyone's available times so we can get a schedule going/make a Discord channel/etc. Fight me.
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    More US Servers (Duelists Welcome)

    Oh sorry did you think this game was dead?? Well, you're right, but I put up more servers so accel and I can keep dueling. If you wanna fight, hop in. If you're one of those mopey "It's over let the game die" types, pretend you didn't see this (and quit checking the forums). I'm not sure how...
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    Legions Video - Upload your demos!

    Here man take my demos!KksEhaKI!hrHi8s_8jMt2dvQxMDicyaeFOhjQzrr9ypBlwFdarCg
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    bye nerds

    I've finally found something better: a community that doesn't make me wanna tear my own eyes out. So peace out, nerds. I'm uninstalling.
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    Download General Lee Air Horn

    I love this mod so *dancing* much
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    People need time to get used to new/different maps before we get rly competitive on 'em. So these should either be low-key games before we get serious, or we need a way to make the pug regulars practice the maps in pubs this week. I don't want some "we tried new/different maps and it was awful...
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    o *chocolate cookies* ur right edit: +rep Nice Guy™ who taught me cap routes even though I don't know how to ski
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    nah man shaska's great +rep nice guy who taught me cap routes even though I don't know how to ski
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    What anime are you guys watching now?

    Kekkai Sensen u guyz
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    Post your pictures here!

    this is my "oh frick I'm taking a picture of myself right now" face
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    sooo, same time next week?
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    cool yeah I'll be there