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    Rq- Pullute's Rets

    I've been smashing keyboards looking for Pullute's rets as shown here: Anyone got a copy?
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    Interesting Thing to Read.
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    Llama Prevention

    Basic Idea: Prevents llamas, yet still has e-grabs. Flag: -You can only take it going over 88(insert unit of measurement here) HOWEVER: -There is a certain radius, that if there is a flag carrier within it, allows you to e-grab. Simple as that.
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    Weapon: "Crossbow"/"Harpoon Launcher"

    Personally, I came up with this idea after thinking about the old sniper and grenade launcher for some odd reason. Weapon Description: Launches a bolt/harpoon at a high speed that will arch over long distances due to the sheer weight of it's ammunition. Info: -The damage is extremely high...
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    This is why I don't have cats.

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    Guide to installing modifications.

    For specific file locations, click here. File locations will be included down here anyways. IMPORTANT NOTES: -This guide only covers client-side modifications -You will have to set all replaced/new files to READ ONLY by right clicking the file and clicking on "Properties". Check the READ ONLY...
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    Healing Grenade/Packs

    This idea is pretty much derived from the health packs you could pick up in Tribes. Grenade: Would heal EVERYTHING(including enemies and their base assets) in the blast radius to a certain extent, of course the number of HP healed drops as you are further from the grenade. Instant heal. Pack...
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    Oh wow... Come on US -.- I will forever rage at this. Basically, this is a bill being discussed in the US that makes it illegal to stream media arts (i.e. Movies and TV shows). But the two listed in the example are not what get to me. Media Arts is...
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    National Best Friend Day? I think?

    Some friends were saying it is, so I had this little quote waiting to pop out ;) "Friendship is like peeing yourself; Everyone sees it, but only you get the warm feeling"
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    Possibly worst GFX card/chip in the market...Worst one you've ever used?

    Chipset family G31/33. I am unfortunate enough to be *danced* with this monstrosity, yet I somehow can play Legions without lite :/ What's the worst one you ever used/are currently using?
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    Request: Flag Glow

    Could someone please remove the glow and replace it with 1 line? I know it's suppose to be like that to see it, but I like it a little less flashy :/
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    Game Mode: Juggernaut

    This game mode random selects a random player to be the juggernaut; Some one who becomes increasingly hard to kill over time as he gets kills, but ONLY if he gets kills. Buffs for the Juggernaut: 50 Percent more energy, (Varied) Percent more health (varies depending on how many players, because...
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    What is one of your favorite older games?

    As the title says, What is one of your favorite older games? This excludes tribes, because we all know you love it. _______________________________________________ OT: I remember playing the Syphon Filter we my dad a lot along with Fighting Force 4.
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    Half Life in 60 Seconds.

    Pretty sexy graphics.
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    One thing that was in all tribes games was the radar in one your corners and a map if you hit a certain button, I would find the new radar useful to be toggled for only 1 or both to be on. Usefulness: I don't have to keep turning in circles to look for someone right under/above me. You have a...
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    Unofficial "Things we have already Discussed" Thread

    In an attempt to stop remake threads, we should get a few things squared away: *NOTE BEFORE READING*: The below are true and can be quoted upon. If you contribute to this list, please provide a thread link. Please contribute through PM. Also note that there is no release dates for any of the...
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    I have found something even worse than Rebecca Black!!!

    Are you a crappy house wife?
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    Tips/Info During Loading Screen

    I couldn't seem to find this anywhere so here goes: As stated in the Title, I was thinking a way to help players is to leave tips while their games load up. I have a few that could be suggested. Press Shift while jets are activated to down jet. You might want to aim ahead of your target...
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    New Comp. Suggestions

    A new one is due because this thing is very crap-like. Any suggestions for a cheap, but smooth system? (Btw I do alot of school work and gaming)
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    Silly Comp Question.

    I've been looking through my settings to see an option for how to customize window icons on my bottom bar. Desktop _______ <- That bar down there. I was wondering how to turn all the application icons into just the picture and no words.