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  1. Apcizzle

    PAX East

    Just throwing a quick message out to all my Legionnaires... I will be attending PAX East this weekend and would love to see some of you guys up there. If you have your tickets, find me on @Apcizzle on twitter to meet up for drinks or just to chat. You'll probably see me at the Hi-Rez Studios...
  2. Apcizzle

    Alt. Teamspeak

    I see the official Legions: Overdrive TS3 is down at the moment... so if you guys want, we can all gather in my server i bought mainly for T:A but i don't mind some L:O players in there at all. ip: VOICE-IL1.BRANZONE.COM:10021 password: tribestalk Hit me up for questions or if u want a channel...
  3. Apcizzle

    Summer Extravaganza Tournament Winner: Trippin Nutz

    Check the blog for this summer's winners!
  4. Apcizzle

    Teams and Times for the Legions: Overdrive Summer Extravaganza!

    Total players signed up: 79 Number of captains: 7 Players per team: 7 teams of 11 or 12 players Good luck to the following teams: Captain: Apcizzle (Blue Ballers Baller): 1)darklord 14)freeman 15)risingsun 28)djfaith 29)okenry 42)charmie 43)w00tyou 56)the-champ 57)lunaris 70)tyler137...
  5. Apcizzle

    [Official] Legions: Overdrive Summer Extravaganza!

    Read about it here! Also rules are found within! And sign ups can be made now!
  6. Apcizzle

    Legions: Overdrive Summer Extravaganza Sign ups!

    Please post here only if you are truely interested in partaking in the tournament! It will be over a weekend (Saturday and Sunday) during early afternoon hours (east coast) or early evening hours (euros). Times will be decided and mentioned in the near future. Tenative dates: Sign ups end...
  7. Apcizzle

    [Official] Legions: Overdrive Summer Extravaganza!

    There's been talk about a tournament by a few members. Well with all the interested and it simply being a great idea, myself and ucan have put together some rules and ideas for a legit tournament with a cash prize. Wait what?? A CASH PRIZE? Here's the idea. $100 bucks is on the line. No buy-in...
  8. Apcizzle

    Introducing Your New Co-Community Manager: Apcizzle!

    Your new co-community manager!
  9. Apcizzle

    [Zeta] Yet another run for comp

    So i've been craving some good comp these past few days and i spoke with a couple of people before i started this idea up, but i think i'm ready to go full throttle. I'm switching the team up and almost splitting up old zeta to give the game 2 good teams to scrim. Ucan and freeman are working...
  10. Apcizzle

    Coke Rewards

    Now i know most of you drink coke products and along with that, you probably don't use your coke reward points. Soooo, what i'm asking is if any of you don't use your points, can you send me your codes through conversation. Would be much appreciated and in return i'll continue to make videos...
  11. Apcizzle

    [Release] Legions Overdrive Top Ten: First Edition

    Well the wait is over and the video is here! (watch in HD) Please subscribe, comment and like the video if you have a Youtube account (its 2011, everyone should have one). I want to personally thank Poponfu with help on graphics and video...
  12. Apcizzle

    Legions Overlive - Episode: DEUX

    Sorry for the late notice, but i was unsure if i could make it on the time i said i would last show. But i managed to get the time available and that would be: Wednesday April 13, 2011 at 9:00 pm est. Keep in mind of what we talked about two weeks ago. We still want to try and give you that...
  13. Apcizzle

    "Top 10 plays/shots" idea.. i need your help!

    So i'm getting this idea just now. Depending on how many submissions i get, i'd like to work with the idea of making a video every week for "Top 10 plays/shots of the week" or something along those lines. Or maybe work with a couple people each week to submit me a few shots for me to make a...
  14. Apcizzle

    [Poll] What 3 questions do you want answered on Legions Overlive

    So we can get everyone's opinion.. i am opening this poll for everyone to vote the top 3 questions to be answered on the show this evening. Whatever isn't answered, will be answered in 2 weeks - which is when the next show will be. same time, same place. VOTE ON! Also, if you have any...
  15. Apcizzle

    How much free time do you have?

    Hopefully not as much as this guy!
  16. Apcizzle

    [Official] The Return of Legions Live.

    I did make a thread about Legions Live coming back way in the beginning of these forum boards... and with all the interest and bugging i received lately about the actual return, well here it is! I will be hosting the first Legions OverLive (hmm, maybe that will stick? you decide?). Anyways, i...
  17. Apcizzle

    The Ides of March!

    BEWARE! (For the admin who didn't get it and decided to trash it)
  18. Apcizzle

    PAX East 2011

    Another thread... only because it started today and lasts until Sunday. Anyways, i'm heading up to Boston momentarily and just want to remind everyone that i plan on running a live stream on sunday on my mac to show you guys the gist of what's going on and who is all there. I'll post the link...
  19. Apcizzle

    Collecting sports cards...

    Does anyone collect baseball or football cards? This is a hobby i'm starting up and i wonder if anyone else does it around here where i can talk to about it. I'm gonna start with the year 2010 with football and probably baseball and go on for years (hopefully). I can see getting really addicted...
  20. Apcizzle

    ZETA Looking For Scrims!

    Team Vorticity is looking for some friendly competition. Yes pickups are fun, but as teams are starting to florish, we should start looking into getting some team on team action. I know a few teams like Via Victus and Element Town have been involved with a couple of scrims, so i'd like to get...