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  1. theGrindLab

    What I want to discuss in general...

    I'm just hitting each part of the forums so this place doesn't look so dead! Is there any interest in getting this game back up and running?
  2. theGrindLab

    Where, Oh Where is the Life Once Here?

    These words I sing to myself as I ponder on the glory in past. A tear rolls down my cheek. I gaze upon FrostByte... as my memories fade...
  3. theGrindLab

    You can hear other players healing

    I was just in a practice game with one of my sons and we noticed when we stood near each other in the game that we could hear one another healing. Try it. Player A and Player B stand next to each other. Player A mutes sound. Player B hits Player A with a few CG rounds. You'll notice a quiet...
  4. theGrindLab

    Add my 'thank you' to the list

    Make that 3 'thank yous' to the development team. One for me and each of my two sons who play.
  5. theGrindLab

    Launcher not loading in XP

    Got it working fine on a Vista system but won't even load on XP system. Initially, error was displayed because .net was not installed. Installed (tried 3 different versions) and error is gone but launcher either fails to load or loads and closes without displaying an error. Might test on a Win 7...
  6. theGrindLab

    What are you giving away/doing for others?

    If you're giving gifts or doing something nice for others in the name of good will, what might be those things?