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  1. moronval

    Team Zeta

    was looking through some old footage, saw this little gem back when team zeta was in full swing
  2. moronval


    Let's watch some pugs from 2011
  3. moronval


    Anyone playing? Picked up the 2 pack on steam for a buddy and I, having a *chocolate cookies* load of fun. Let's keep discussion about mobas out of this thread.
  4. moronval

    Guild Wars 2 Invite Thread Who wants to try GW2? I have 2 invites left.
  5. moronval

    Old quote

    So I found this sig I had from IA days and couldnt remember who I was quoting. anyone remember his name?
  6. moronval

    Choosing your Spawn Point

    How likely is something like this to be implemented? It's about time randomized spawn points are removed.
  7. moronval

    Canceling flag throw

    Just highlighting what mabel posted here since there are still people who haven't found it. Open up prefs.cs, scroll to the bottom, and add a new line $Pref::Input::ChargeCancelTimeMs = "1000"; You can change the value to anything you want, in this example "1000" gives you one second. I...
  8. moronval

    moronval's PuG dumps

    1/1/11 Game 1: Frostbyte [32 minutes, 450 mb] Game 2: Zenith Cauldron [25 minutes, 350 mb] 2/1/11 Game 3: Zenith Cauldron [23 minutes, 300 mb] Game 4: Frost Byte [17 minutes, 250 mb] Game 5: Nivosus [26 minutes, 400 mb] Game 6: Zenith Cauldron [28 minutes, 400 mb] Game 7: Frost Byte [15...
  9. moronval

    Disappearing flag - Bugged flag stand

    Someone with what must be retardedly high ping (despite showing up as 78 on the esc menu) was trying to grab our flag, as he was approaching the flag at a blistering 20 m/s he received a direct hit from a rocket, which sent him off to the side of the flag. However, thanks to the wonders of...
  10. moronval

    Team-restricted ammo stations

    Just remembered an old thread talking about restricting in-base ammo stations to respective teams and I thought that'd be neat to bring back up. Mid field ammo stations could remain FFA though. The logic I see behind this restriction is to force offense to manage their ammo or face having to...
  11. moronval

    Vote kick

    because of people like this
  12. moronval

    Legions Lite Tweaking

    Hello and welcome to the Manual Tweaker's Guide to Legions Lite. In this guide I will detail each setting in the Prefs.cs file that I commonly change to create legions lite. With this, you'll be able to tailor your visual settings to your liking. As always, keep a copy of the files you're...
  13. moronval

    Legions Lite

    2013 Update: This is now an in-game option under Video settings! Introduction Welcome. Legions Lite is a project of mine aiming to squeeze as many frames per second as I can out of legions. This thread is dedicated to the player that wants Legions to run faster on their computer. You'll be...