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  1. JDog

    How to get started in L:O?...

    So I've been playing Legions OD for a few days (technically months ago.. but that was on and off) and I was wonder, what class/setup/role should I focus on as a new player?' Your newbie, JDog
  2. JDog


    So uh... What does pug mean?
  3. JDog

    New Reticles

    Sweet. I had a problem on Gorge where I would aim up and I couldn't see the ret... NOW I CAN :D
  4. JDog

    Thankful that GReaper could change my Forum name. :D

    Thankful that GReaper could change my Forum name. :D
  5. JDog

    Download [Release] Trooper's Weaponmod

    AWESOME! I'm downloading now. :D
  6. JDog

    Gorge Launches, Core Returns

    I can't wait to try out these maps! :D
  7. JDog

    Do's and Don'ts

    Could someone make an up to date guide for beginners... The only think I know is to "llama" the flag...
  8. JDog

    New guns

    I think the heat missile would be good... especially if someone was using the flamethrower and the heat missile locked on to them.... >:D
  9. JDog

    Game Modes

    Personally I would rather have Team Deathmatch. Simply because I'm a new player.