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    Legions: Overdrive F2P

    Check out the announcement on the blog!
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    Steam Summer Sale 2013

    Is on now, go get those cheap games, Legionnaires! PS: Steam's being swamped at the moment.
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    [ENDED]Map Contest Round 1 Voting!

    Ahoy hoy, Legionnaires! Sorry for the lateness in getting this going, but here we go! Vote for your favourite map and the winner will get added to the official map rotation! Maps that do not win can be refined and resubmitted in later rounds. If you want to play the maps , extract the...
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    Going to just repost the blog post here in its entirety - keep safe out there, Legionnaires!
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    Planetside 2 Beta Key

    Saw this article and thought it would be worth posting information. Apparently the April edition of PC Gamer will include a beta key for Planetside2 access. Unable to access the webpage from work, but here's a link to the link of the information...
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    Legions: Overdrive Community Video Contest

    Head to the blog for the full details! Remember: Upload to Youtube, set the video as shareable, and post the link in this thread.
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    Join the Legions: Overdrive team!

    Taken from the blog:
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    Post your Gaming Rigs/Gaming Space!

    Here's a thread dedicated to showing off your personal gaming rigs and/or gaming areas! Keep it actual pictures of your personal hardware please. To start things, here's a picture of Seymour's recently ordered BitFenix Colossus case. Ignore all of my greasy fingerprints on the flash picture...
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    Crash after installing IFF/Handgren update

    Please use this thread to report any crashes since the 'Revamped IFF and Handgrenades' update. Please include your console.log, we're tracking down bugs as we speak!
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    Quick Chat Returns

    Full story can be found here. Note: Due to HiRez purchasing the Tribes IP, the previous Tribes voice binds will not be available. If you're having any issues with Quick Chat, a thread was created here.
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    Staff Updates

    Read the latest happenings here.
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    Game Modes

    Ahoy hoy! As Legions: Overdrive resources are tight and the community is on the smaller side (so far!), we are looking to the Community for input on what should be included as available game types for Legions: Overdrive. While it would be nice to just use every single gametype we can think of...
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    Want to help keep the Legions: Overdrive servers alive and kicking? Details can be found here.
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    Legions: Overdrive Officially Launched

    Santa has arrived
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    Early Preview Weekend

    Worst kept secret can be viewed here.
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    Team Registration and Clan Tags

    New blog post is a go.
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    New Concept Art, PT Updates

    And here we go.
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    Thanksgiving Special

    Get your main course here.
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    Staff changes, Private Tester update

    View the full story here.
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    Beta Registration Now Open

    Full post on the blog.