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  1. Lcam

    Add icon to the laucher

    Add a icon to the “Laucher” and the option to add the icon to desktop… And if it possible change the name “Laucher” to “Legions Overdrive” It is only a small modification, but the little details make a game interesting.
  2. Lcam

    Legions O. in MMOHut 2!!!

    Long time ago (Mar 22) I make the discussion "Legions Overdrive in MMOHut"... And the conclucion was: "This game is not completely finished" ----------------------------------------------------- After that day, I started a little chat with him. And he had no problem to weit. And he tell me when...
  3. Lcam


    Hi, Trophies. Add trophies to Legions Overdrive (Game). I suggest to add trophies, achievements and activities to play. And it then appears a kind of notice when you're in the game. This would be fun and challenging oneself. Here are some possible trophies ------------------------ First Blod...
  4. Lcam

    Bug Responding (Map Sleepwalker)

    Some times when you respond in the new map Sleepwalker. You get into the middle of a structure (photo below). I hope this help. -Lcam-
  5. Lcam

    Who is reading this? (Deleat option)

    I always had this question Who is reading this? When you comment in somting bellow "Edit-Deleat-Report" If you press Deleat You have to put a reason
  6. Lcam

    Error: HTTP 500

    I dont remember if it is HTTF ore HTTP and the number 555, ore 500 well what evere! The story: One day a good guy called "LCAM" chech Legions Overdrive Forum... But then my explorer say this : Error HTTP 500 Was in 1:00 AM I just whant to know why that append ore what is that?
  7. Lcam

    What is coming up! (April/18/11)

    Okay Seymour you are in the last round, and the last question THE BIG QUESTION OF THE $1,000,000 is.... (Sound of the drums) What is coming up? Ten secounds.... 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3 Seymour: Weit, weit I know it, the anwser is...
  8. Lcam


    Srr about "wach" ¬¬ I am learning
  9. Lcam

    New Hand Grenadas

    Hi, in this time I want suggest different tips of hand grenades, today is only one, and you trow it and just explode! So that is why I suggest more tips... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well I was...
  10. Lcam

    Car all land

    Long time I dont make a suggestion :3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was thinking about a car that is some similar to the classic character of Legions Overdrive. - Have a motor engine behind. - Haveing the Overdrive mode. - With Roket...
  11. Lcam

    Legions Overdrive in MMOHut

    Okay guys, I would like know if are going to be good ore bad idea! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction, well MMOHut is a famos bloger in youtube, he make criticisms of video games. He has 54,100 subscriptions. Well in...
  12. Lcam

    Post your birthday here!

    Post your birthday in a comment here! Thanks. All birthdays posts will be compiled in the Player Birthdays Album! My Birthday: June/07
  13. Lcam

    Normal face and Bored Emoticon :I ¬¬

    I suggest this emoticon in L:O forums NORMAL FACE Bored face It is not Good and it is not bad it is normal face :)Happy ;) Tick in the eye :(Sad :mad: Angry :confused:Confused :cool: Cool :p LOL :D Happy 2 :eek:Surprised :oops:Oops! :rolleyes:Roll eyes AND THE NORMAL FACE AND BORED FACE...
  14. Lcam

    Happy Pi Day

    :p Today is the international Pi day mm/dd 03/14 3,14159265...
  15. Lcam

    My top 5 VideoGames Trailers

    This is my Top 5# Video Games Trailers. 1# "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit" 2# "Halo 3 : ODST" 3# "God of War 3" 4# "Portal 2" 5# "Call of Duty: Black OPS"
  16. Lcam

    Where it is and were it will be?

    I made this post in General Descussion to know, where it is and where Legions: Overdrive it will be. Where it is and where it will be? (I am tocking about Legions: Overdrive) By: Lcam
  17. Lcam

    Official Site L:O (Facebook)

    I check facebook, and I search Legions: Overdrive, I see only these 2 pages. Suggest a official site of Legions: Overdrive (Facebook) and people can upload their photos about L:O there. Here it is the 2 fan sits. IDK it is just a suggestion! By: Lcam If you have nothing good to say do not...
  18. Lcam

    Give respect if you want respect

    ¬¬ Malditos idiotas los que critican el español sin saber ni madres de el SI USTEDES NO SABEN ABLARLO NO DIGAN NADA! PINCHES OJETONES DE MIERDA! ALWAS WHEN I SEPCKS SPEANIS ALL THE PPL COMENT ABOUT IT! "No me gusta" "Hablanmaos español" "Give my tacos" I dont why that coments are not...
  19. Lcam


    -Skills- I suggest that each player can choose a specific power. You can choose a power every life. If you use "Control+K" you don't get a power in the next life. Invisibility for 3 seconds. Energy Shield for 3 seconds (but can not shoot) Hyper Speed Upload your engines with Energia for 3...
  20. Lcam

    This is okay?

    2010? ore 2011? Why this continue seing 2010?