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  1. Lcam

    Are you dead?

    Are you dead?
  2. Lcam

    Add icon to the laucher

    Add a icon to the “Laucher” and the option to add the icon to desktop… And if it possible change the name “Laucher” to “Legions Overdrive” It is only a small modification, but the little details make a game interesting.
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    Legions O. in MMOHut 2!!!

    Long time ago (Mar 22) I make the discussion "Legions Overdrive in MMOHut"... And the conclucion was: "This game is not completely finished" ----------------------------------------------------- After that day, I started a little chat with him. And he had no problem to weit. And he tell me when...
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    Legions Only Desktop Backgrounds

    TDM Background : ) Leckam Studios
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    Maby for you, bot what about other players? Why you dont let me know your trophies ideas?
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    Hi, Trophies. Add trophies to Legions Overdrive (Game). I suggest to add trophies, achievements and activities to play. And it then appears a kind of notice when you're in the game. This would be fun and challenging oneself. Here are some possible trophies ------------------------ First Blod...
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    Helmet choosing

    Yeah... I hope you in Legions can creat your character, somting similar like this video.
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    Helmet choosing

    Also why dont add new helements? Like you are waching all and you press it and you will see it on your caracter... I was playing with differents helements, great to the game!
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    "Also: no pic, no comment!" You just remove them because you know he's your evil twin ¬ ¬

    "Also: no pic, no comment!" You just remove them because you know he's your evil twin ¬ ¬
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    Helping new non-english speaking Legions players

    I can help, with spanish! Yo puedo hablar y entender a la perfeción. Puesto yo nací con ello! Primero que nada, saludos y bienvenido al Forum Legions Overdrive. Segundo, pues un forum completamente en español no se me hace una buena idea porque yo solo conosco unos 5 o 6 que hablan, talves si...
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    Legions Only Desktop Backgrounds

    LO in Blue.jpg OMG I LOVE IT! Yeeeeeei Also, all that backgrounds are so great I suggest take all the vest backgrounds and put it in the Page, like gallery pictures ore just like extras stuff! Seymour this is a fast modification to the Background "Play"
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    ¿Mexico Servers?

    Please do not make jokes like that again. That is racism! That can not be tolerated in this new world of tecnology , and especially in a game internationally! _______________ I like it, start to grow into something completely new which is Latin America. Mexico (Ciudad de Mexico, DF) Is a very...
  13. Lcam

    This map ore the other? (Suggestion)

    I whant to know if this suggestion, how long would it take to made. Because today there are like 10 maps and I am so confused. Remember when I was confused with 4 maps :S now imagine with 10
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    Bug Responding (Map Sleepwalker)

    Some times when you respond in the new map Sleepwalker. You get into the middle of a structure (photo below). I hope this help. -Lcam-
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    I am going to love more the PVP, just wach this trailer!
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    Who is reading this? (Deleat option)

    I always had this question Who is reading this? When you comment in somting bellow "Edit-Deleat-Report" If you press Deleat You have to put a reason
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    Troll Alert?

    Jordahan ore RockeyRex, weit they are already doing that! PD: Abandoned what is your problem, is just a user name ¬¬
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    Error: HTTP 500

    I dont remember if it is HTTF ore HTTP and the number 555, ore 500 well what evere! The story: One day a good guy called "LCAM" chech Legions Overdrive Forum... But then my explorer say this : Error HTTP 500 Was in 1:00 AM I just whant to know why that append ore what is that?
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    Srr.... I dont was login but happy late birtday :(

    Srr.... I dont was login but happy late birtday :(