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    Players Looking for a Clan

    Age: 27 Region: Central (USA) Experience: Played T1, T2, and when legions first came out. Clan Experience: Team Jenkins (most recent) I enjoy the team work and the competive atmosphere. Communication/Mic: Yes Gametypes: I pefer CTF but can also do DM **PUG/PUB: I play in both and I would put on...
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    What I want....for flag carriers

    Ok when you cant see the flag on your screen, there is a small arrow that shows you where it is. (Very Small) I want to change this and I want a hud with the distance I am from each that too much to ask?
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    What I want....for flag carriers

    Hmmm i see what you are talking about now.....Where is that symbol so i can change it and I still would like to have the distance to the flag hud or something
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    What I want....for flag carriers

    I want something where it shows me where the flag is and the distance from me that it is. So let's say I have the flag to my back around 100 yards. I want it a flag symbol to be at the bottom of my screen with the distance of the flag. Does that make sense? lol So if the flag is to my left, I...