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    This game needs advertising now!!

    Last month, was legions overdrive 1st anniversary, yep the game is great, the updates have been amazing etc. But Legions is dieing, yes we all know it but I don’t wanna admit it and neither do you lot am guessing. The size of this community has rather much stayed the same as it as a year ago...
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    Boyce avenue Just thought I will post this great band to help them out. They do a lot of covers of songs from many artists and have their own album/songs. The first song that starts when u open it, "on my way" I think is not bad, but not good at the same time. Scroll...
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    No pressure, but a question

    Well I got a couple of friends, and I was showing them youtube videos of the game and telling them about it. They are really interested in it, and they would love to play it but they are macs lool. Yea I know theres a work around method, but my friends said they would have to download a bunch...
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    So help a guy out? Dont know if any of u remember Ljubom...hes one of them pro galcon players and was an active RB player, hes been trying to get RB back and he made this yea just sign up and do whatever lol Oh and yea, if you have Facebook, like this please...
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    My rule and I hope you learn it

    If there is a score difference of 5+, you swap to the losing team its not even that hard, just came off a frostbyte game with a score of 10-1...and I was the only one who swapped when it was 6-1...and I kept telling them to even the teams a little, but they didn't do nothing. But the...
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    When is it coming back? To be honest I would rather have quickchat over new maps.
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    Trailer on homepage

    I noticed their isn't a trailer on the homepage, and am not sure if you want a trailer or not, but just thought I'll show you this In my opinion it is pretty cool. Take a look when you have time guys, thanks :)
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    IA legions mod folder

    Before IA got shut down I was using these rets that I really liked. Now I am pretty sure I haven't done a clean install or anything, so am sure the IA ret folder is somewhere in my computer. Could someone help me locate it?
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    Launcher updating and installing on every startup.

    why does it update every time i start it. I quit game for one sec, and restart it updates...
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    Just want to confirm that the game runs in Win7

    Does this game work on windows 7. Instant action itself did not work on windows 7 and there were these complicated methods that were used to get it to work. Firefox was the only browser that could play it, then again u had to open in it admin mode. So just wnt to know if this game is working...
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    Team made gamemodes

    Before IA shutdown, the community team currently working on legions overdrive released servers with additional game modes. These servers were Nanu-Nanu etc. They had game modes such as that rabbit race thing, where the guy would get the flag and rabbit across the whole map. Will these gamemodes...
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    Is IA forums down?

    Am on firefox, and whenever I try to go on IA forums, it says problem loading page, so it seems IA is gone forever now?
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    Ok so yea, wrong section and a lot to ask....

    Alright, yes I know legions was the most popular game on IA etc. Me and a couple of the rokkitball guys were talking about how we can save rokkitball. Now a man called Alex Swanson developed it, and hes still around in Torque. Maybe its possible to get the code, idk Now if we did get the...
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    Ok so this game will be a standalone client that we can download and install, I get that. However will this game still be possible to play in the browser?