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    i was bored today and noticed that sometime earlier this year you said you "owned me"..... this...

    i was bored today and noticed that sometime earlier this year you said you "owned me"..... this is not possible and you better be ready when i find you next...
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    Unlocking Legions - Upcoming Changes

    The smurfing shall be glorious..
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    Fastest Speed Ever Achieved

    There is a happy medium between how effective a route is and how fast it is.... if your route is "too fast" you could end up weakening its effectiveness in a game-play situation. Anyone can go for speed to ensure an effective grab, but few can follow it up and get the cap. Good routes go full...
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    Unlocking Legions - Upcoming Changes

    Finally.... i can smurf w/o having to do work. Now we will see servers that have a "no smurf" requirement lol.
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    Legions: Overdrive Summer Extravaganza Sign ups!

    ill play but i refuse to cap jk
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    Download Ily's Reticles: Legionized

    i used those rets for TV competition
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    Plasma Bug

    DG told me that he found the problem and a patch is in the works <3
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    Plasma Bug

    same bug here ...
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    Rabbit on Public Test

    I hate to post randomly in this thread... but any idea on when some minor tweaks that may or may not have been mentioned are going to be implemented? flag carrier displayed in red etc , sniper removal , etc.
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    Ignorance - The downfall of Legions

    How bout focusing on getting better before that <3
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    Accuracy stats

    I want a stat showing how many times I dodged an inevitable death from Lanthus using jedi powerz.
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    Cluster vs. Mortar (why we dont need both)

    My goal is to let a particular deceased man dev. realize what he is missing out on......and that we really have no need for weapon like the cluster when compared to the simple truth that is best described as a "Big Green Boomie."
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    I need to get better

    freeman sah = win
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    Balancing Team - System

    This is a simple solution....bad players need to get better or rather begin to attempt to start to get slightly better for once instead of duel duel duel duel duel....flag is #1
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    Make it pop the flag out of the carrier and im sold ><
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    Cluster vs. Mortar (why we dont need both)

    I strongly believe that a standard "mortar" would easily out-perform and replace the cluster not only by the amount of attention required to shoot and aim, but also putting more power in the heavies hands for both offense and defense. Bottom line is that a classic mortar would serve ALL the same...
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    Accuracy stats

    flag is most important.
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    Need distance from flag carrier displayed in a reasonable fashion.

    This would help in the many situations where you are judging distance of a flag carrier or thrown flag when its behind one or many hills obstructing view.
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    I need to get better

    1. Find someone better than you 2. Copy them 3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 as needed
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    Requesting simple projectiles and NO sound for clusters.

    Thank you so much RedInk for helping us out.... now if the game would just stop crashing I could test it out...