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    Cluster vs. Mortar (why we dont need both)

    I strongly believe that a standard "mortar" would easily out-perform and replace the cluster not only by the amount of attention required to shoot and aim, but also putting more power in the heavies hands for both offense and defense. Bottom line is that a classic mortar would serve ALL the same...
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    Need distance from flag carrier displayed in a reasonable fashion.

    This would help in the many situations where you are judging distance of a flag carrier or thrown flag when its behind one or many hills obstructing view.
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    Requesting simple projectiles and NO sound for clusters.

    I would like to see if anyone has the capability to make an extremely simple projectile for clusters and to eliminate the sound from them (noticed the lag from clusters is usually related to a close range detonation and could be sound related).
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    Help with making player names showing less sensitive

    I updated my IFF to the one app made and realized that the enemy player names are kind of getting in my way at medium to long range shots where the player body is much smaller than the player name. Was wondering if there was a setting to make it less sensitive and possibly resizing the font for...
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    T1 style IFF's por favor! If it would be possible could anyone design an IFF similar to this vid or just a basic one that looks kind of like this " <------------- " (rotated of course :p)