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    Who's Left?

    I completely forgot about this game tbh :/ Being a euro and having the servers dead most of the time compared to the US servers isnt exactly something to help you remember the game no matter how fun it is. Hopefully I will remember to come on more often
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    New Game - MIDAIR

    Holy crap, I did not expect this at all. Moving on to create a new game and leaving L:O up to the community. WOW. Good luck with your new studio, seriously you guys deserve it. Thank you for continuing with this game and pulling it away from the cliff it once was so near to falling over. I...
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    Rokkitball Remake?

    you,me,h20dragon,heledrius,stoja...only names I can remember off the top of my head. They were some *dancing* awesome times
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    Razer Game Booster

    Thanks for this man, I always wanted something like this.
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    Legions 1.40 Pre-Release Video

    Yea I lurk these forums now and then, just cant be bothered to login. Only read general discussion,competition and off topic now and then. I guess everyone will come back for a week, if we are lucky 2 weeks max to test the changes and stuff and get bored again.
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    Legions 1.40 Pre-Release Video

    Been off this game and the forums for a couple weeks but now ready to get back into it! Looking *dancing* awesome, amazing job devs
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    Yea I play it, add me HellzHere
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    Europe Server Changes

    Never played Regen, but I am really liking the duel to rabbit server change. Completely agree with what you said about the duel server, that really needed a change cos no one actually dueled, was just 8 people *dancing* about
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    Dota 2

    Anyone got a spare key?
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    The everything cellphone thread

    I got a HTC desire, but I have had it for years/ages that I am thinking of upgrading. Was gonna probs get Galaxy III or Iphone 5, but when I found out Iphone 5 really stupid price, am 100% getting the new galaxy. From what I know, the galaxy has better specs for way less money
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    Planetary Annihilation

    I used to play a *chocolate cookies* load of Total Annihilation when i was young, it was *dancing* awsome. That was the game that got me into RTS. Supreme commander is another amazing game I played, so am looking forward to this game
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    Goodbye Shazbot servers, hello Phoenix!

    Yay! I live in london!
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    Europe PUG List

    Indeed, need to get back into this game
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    Legions Open Championship

    Remember rokkitball from IA? We were a very small part of IA, much smaller then LO right now, but boy did zante organise some great tournys!
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    Wow thats pretty cool man, its good people finding new tricks
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    I am Legions.

    Rougey #1 legions troll
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    LICL 1v1 Duel Competition

    I dont see any familar europe names in them screenshots.... COME ON EUROPE. someone get riptack to play :D
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    Iphone ipad and ipod touch app

    This can be played on the ipad? O.O How does it work, wheres the mouse,jump keys etc
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    Legions International Competitive League - Season 1

    Hows the rest of the matches going, does all the team members show up?