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  1. Jaymyster


    I cant think of another game that utilizes Z-axis aiming with projectile based weapons better than this game right now. In my opinion, many of you who appreciate the combat aspect of legions would also LOVE this game. There is so much transferability in the skills gained in legions to the...
  2. Jaymyster

    Shooters for mobile

    So I figure that most of the people who are able to appreciate the intensity of Legions as a shooter, are the same type of people who appreciate shooters to the degree of having one in the palm of their hand wherever they go. I mean, what beats getting headshots while pooping? I am only aware of...
  3. Jaymyster

    Xmas PUGs!!!

    Now I completely understand that this is a bit of a shot in the dark here considering our current activity, but I do know that there is still a decent amount of us legionnaires that are still lurking around forums every now and then that would probably still enjoy a good refreshing organized...
  4. Jaymyster

    Terrains/NewSnow/Deep-Freeze.jpg updating forever in launcher

    The title says it all, my launcher literally stops at this file and doesn't move forward. suggestchunz?
  5. Jaymyster

    Pushback/flag control for BR

    I've thought about this suggestion for sometime now, but like other times, my lack of pubs lately has somehow pushed me finally make a thread about it. The BR is a good weapon, not bad at all. But it's under-use in pubs/pugs (in my opinion) is due to it's lack of effect on shooting the flag...
  6. Jaymyster

    Auto-Charge for LR

    The time has come Legionnaires... You can now click to shoot. Create a .cs file for this to "mods/autoexec" folder (ChargeMeBaby.cs or whatever) package ChargeMeBaby { function clientCmdSetActiveWeapon( %weapon ) { if((%weapon $= "Rifle") && ($ActiveWeapon !$= "Rifle"))...
  7. Jaymyster

    Advertisement-focused donating for Project Z

    Because the next legions we are waiting for is expected to be far more likely to actually becoming a real game than overdrive, I think we need to take a more serious approach towards increasing our player base. We simply cannot expect to continue onto project Z with the same limited community...
  8. Jaymyster

    'Super Boost' option for boost core

    So the current depression of populated games has influenced me to finally bring this idea to light. We all know boost core falls short when it comes to chasing cappers that are just plainly too fast. It leaves boost nades as the only real option any serious chaser would have. I would notice...
  9. Jaymyster

    Auto-charge option for LR

    Now anyone who's using the current LR knows that if they're trying to snipe effectively on defense, that they pretty much have to keep the thing charged the entire time in the first place anyway. I'm sure many players that still prefer the point-to-click way of shooting, would much rather deal...
  10. Jaymyster

    Dual core

    So this is an idea I've been meaning to express to the community for sometime. I'm well aware we've already been given a wonderful selection of new and awesome cores to choose from in-game, but I truly think this core would be a perfect finisher to our current selection. Here's the idea...
  11. Jaymyster

    Why do you prefer Live over 1.4?

    So I've finally decided to make a thread to effectively specify what has been the primary conflict for players not choosing to play Public Test over Live. I'm quite confident I've provided the most relevant changes here that are directly from the 1.4 Blog changes that have been listed. I've...
  12. Jaymyster

    Legions: Overdrive Advertisement Ideas

    Personally, I believe that Legions is far too unique of a shooter to not have a very strong marketing advantage with its advertisements over other games. And although the devs probably know a thing or two about advertising already, I'm also confident that conceptual contribution from the entire...
  13. Jaymyster

    To the owner of the east coast DC server

    Please take that schitty tribes mod off of your server and make it regular. You're teasing everyone that wants to play east coast legions. We all would like that very, very much. Thank you
  14. Jaymyster

    Legions memes

    I thought this thread was bound to come one day, so I finally brought it upon myself to make a legions meme thread to finally expose much of the hilarity we all experience in in-game legions. I've made a few myself to start off the thread! Enjoy! I look forward to your posts already :D...
  15. Jaymyster


    Although some of you already know I enjoy me some plant here and there. I'm almost positive none of you knew I could dance. Below is the result of the following formula: Jaymyster+high+dubstep= VIDEO IS BEST EXPERIENCED AT HIGHER VOLUME!!
  16. Jaymyster

    New Server Rotation Revised

    I have played the new server rotation on the public servers since it has been released for a suitable amount of time; which has allowed me to to develop the conclusions I have come to in terms of changes that are needed in the rotation. Granted the updated rotation is a great step up from...
  17. Jaymyster

    Change in the Small Server Rotation is Needed Badly

    I can't help but notice over the past few weeks the utterly disturbing tendency the small servers have had to choose the maps nivosus, moonshine, and frostbyte over and over again; with more emphasis on the moonshine/nivo maps. The reason why I put more emphasis on moonshine/nivo is because of...
  18. Jaymyster

    Why I can't stop playing legions.

    I've played many games in my lifetime with a significantly larger interest in the Shooter genre (1st person mostly due to how much more of a fair and realistic perspective; opposed to third person where a perspective that a player has, has been greatly upgraded to a more omniscient view of your...