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  1. RisingSun

    Dat sky

    I have been having problems lately. Then i open legions today and see this.. It is very distracting as you can see:eek: This is what im actually looking at in game,
  2. RisingSun

    Ping issues

    :( My ping has been 150 in Hotswaps lately and im East Coast. what does this all mean?? Edit- No Wifi, Has Cable
  3. RisingSun

    Chain bullets

    I don't know why the chain bullets were decreased in the first place (which was really stupid), but sometimes people have the capability to kill more than 2 people on Lo or TDM, i dont understand why it was reduced to 250 instead of 350. This has been honken me off for so long. IMO there was no...
  4. RisingSun

    Rising's Video

    My video of the 3 this one is most recent and has better shots
  5. RisingSun

    Risin's Skins

    The power of Google images. Should boobs be with snipers? I think so
  6. RisingSun


    For some reason after this current update 6/10/11 my class is like permanently set at chaser with it not showing my hand grenades at the bottom and i cannot throw them. When i click on a class and respawn it just stays in chaser and i cannot get out of it. I tried deleting the live folder and...
  7. RisingSun

    Modification Help

    Now when it comes to modifications I'm not the brightest cookie around. 2 questions HOW do you remove these(out side rets of the chaingun) with paint? I tried clearing and downsizing the image but when i did it , it left me with this tiny little annoying dot next to my ret. >.< (if you cant see...
  8. RisingSun

    Things I would love to sayin pubs but disregaurd

    "wtf, why are you just standing there" "yes, the whole 2,134,324 stay D's should all chase at the same time" "your about to be whored" "doing the same cap route 30 times in a match gets old, learn something new" "when ever you see ME, you just have to stop your chase to attemt to duel me"...
  9. RisingSun

    Trouble opening launcher

    I recently got a new hardrive for my new computer. I downloaded the legions launcher tried extracting it with 3 different things. every time i hit play this is exactly what it says " GFXD3D9Devce::initD3DXFnTable- failed to locate a D3DX dll!" . also i see that there are no prefs in my...