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    Help finding a song

    Recently found this video again and really liked the song at 0:45 - 1:40. If anyone has a clue of what the song is please tell me :D Thanks
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    Just an average CSGO game.

    Today I encountered a wild species in MM. Lovely. I feel sorry for all the silvers out there :(
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    [Video] Legions:Overdrive - Farewell

    Well the title does say it all. Legions has been one of the games I first played when I was introduced to FPS games. It has been a good run for about 5-6 years now and now I guess it has came to an end unless someone picks it up sooner or later. I thought a little video would be nice just to...
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    Eurogamer 2014

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    London Plane Thing :P

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    Got Some New LED Lights :P

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    IceJJFish Challenge

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    Short Clip..

    This goes out to Pop ;)
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    Right so I have just been DDOS'd and I would like to know, what program blocks out incoming DDOS attacks? Thanks :)
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    Legions Symbol - Drawing?

    So it was a very warm day in the UK and I had just finished my coursework and wanted to go to bed, but it was too hot. So i decided i might as well do something to keep me entertained for some time so I drew the legions symbol at 3 in the morning :D, I will be doing a better one maybe some time...
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    Some of my demos won't play. How do i make them play or can I download a program to let me view them?
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    (REQUEST) Reticle

    Does anyone have Dimitryy's sniper ret?
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    Minecraft Build Special Someone

    Can You Tell Who It Is? Find The White Text And Highlight It And You Will See The Answer Seymour And Yes I Used A MCEdit To Put It Onto The Server.
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    Minecraft Pixel Art Legions Logo

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    Forum Count System is Wrong!

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    Minecraft Beta Servers

    Hey guys if you have any servers that you go on please could you put there ip code on this thread because i have now got minecraft beta.
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    Too High Pings

    So basically i tweaked my prefs and it worked fine but the problem i now have is that the pings are all over 100 how do i reduce that on my legions. I will upload my prefs so you can see what i have done and if anyone would kindly examine it and change it so can have a lower ping that would be...
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    Unable To Create Canvas

    Everytime I try to put legions lite in it always says the same thing first t used to work but now i deleted my prefs and put the legions lite one in it crashes and says that ^.
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    No EU Servers?

    There were no eu servers?