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    So I heard people still frequent these forums?

    Get yourself a key!
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    So I heard people still frequent these forums?

    Just out of curiosity, you do know about Midair:CE right?
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    So I heard people still frequent these forums?

    Ohh, I remember you. You used to mod your server back in the InstantAction days lol Still, genuinely wondering how the heck you did it (even though I wouldn't replicate it today), unless you changed the values of files and set them to read only. Or maybe inject code into the engine itself or...
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    Download Quarry_UE

    Just a quick question. How do you define Legions 2? Midair is now released, is that game far from the idea of 'Legions 2'?
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    Would it be worth buying the rights?

    Yeah, I'd say no too. There just isn't enough people interested in this game anymore. It's a very outdated game compared to the ones out there that needs a lot of work. IMO, the updates to legions just ruined the whole experience for me. The engine doesn't have a lot going for it either. If we...
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    Wow, I was such a pro...

    Wow, I was such a pro...
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    I'll try my best!
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    Marble blast is back in action boys!

    Nice! All we need now is Rokkitball :)
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    Who owns the game currently?

    I do miss this game indeed. It was great fun.
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    Jan 14 Legions play date, 7:00pm EST

    I'll try my best. I'm always around...
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    Rokkitball Remake?

    I miss Rokkitball too :(