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    A Change in PUGs

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    OSniping Accusations ......

    Case in point.
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    OSniping Accusations ......

    Just this one snippet shows that you're simply going along with the community consensus; your inability for intelligent, structured discussion simply enforces that point. Where you don't bring up an 'accepted community belief' you reply with an unrelated meme. Can I blame Vybez, who I can only...
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    What's your race?

    Apu Tschurtschenthaler: Albino African living in Saudi Arabia.
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    Poll: Respawn times

    I do think that Outlaw has brought up a very valid point (multiple times, both in L:OD and FE:L) which hasn't been addressed or even considered; flaws in map design. Is there any reason that people are ignoring this and are instead focusing on "fixes" which wouldn't resolve the overarching...
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    RockeyRex's Script Depot

    The tap flag mod says that you can tap your throw key to throw the flag at full power; holding your throw key will revert it back to default charging.
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    Post your pictures here!

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    Those who play Warsow

    Bring back .42 imo
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    Graphics Request

    Try reading the thread next time, perhaps.
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    Funny IRC Quotes

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    Funny IRC Quotes

    This one's always been a classic; post gems from IRC here.