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    Nostalgia thread

    Hey guys. Last time I really played Legions was when I was in middle school and I'm 21 now. Went by NeonSolstice and later LunarisDream. Pretty sure nobody remembers me although I do see a few familiar names like Fixious and yami who are still here. :) Was chatting up w/ a friend on Slack when...
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    Happy Birthday Seymour!

    Have a very jolly birthday, Seymour!
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    1 Year

    A tear for those lost.
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    Legions capping, skill and other videos

    The "Harmony" vid is removed. Remove link please.
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    Might you possibly be a League of Legends player?

    Might you possibly be a League of Legends player?
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    Stuff you don't do in PUGs

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU On topic: involve relatively new players in pugs instead of just picking the cream of the crop. Help them be more involved.
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    Animated taunts

    I want an option that turns off dead Legionnaires blowing up into pieces, and a duck/crouch button, so I can do teabags repeatedly on dead bodies snipe better because everyone knows a person snipes better when he is crouched. This one is better...
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    i noticed that i need to work on my movement

    Someone mentioned downjet, but no one said how to actually do it, so... Hold down Shift while right-clicking will allow you to fall faster than usual, so you can gain some extra speed at the cost of air time because you're using up jet energy as you hold the Shift key. Best used when you're...
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    *cough* Seymour *cough*
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    Who made you play the way you play today??

    First trained with Arma as part of Team Hybrid, then just got better and better in pubs. It's been a few months though...
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    Post your birthday here!

    March 17th. It passed without a single round of Legions. /sadface
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    Legions Wiki

    You removed my edit lock. >.>
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    Legions Wiki

    Is there any particular reason you chose Wikidot over Wikia? Edit: ffs, I have to make an account to edit? /sadface Edit II: It's not sending me a confirmation email, so I can't edit. /rage.png Edit III: confirmation email received. Muahahahhaah.
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    The art of sniping

    Ahh, that's probably why.
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    The art of sniping

    You're separating the zoom levels that work for you, but there are so many zoom levels. Just saying "high, medium, low" aren't going to cover it, although people's preferences differ. Changed my post. I meant to say damage decrease. So I guess, instead of arguing about the validity of...