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    Marble blast is back in action boys!
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    Old image archive?

    Is there an old image archive somwhere containing game art that i could browse? Im specifically interested in finding an HD version of this beauty from the IA loading screen back in the day:
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    i notices pathfinders have different skins is there a way i can pick them or are they randomly assigned?
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    your opinion on tribes wanted

    yeah, game looks awesome and i cant wait to play it, but i gotta find something to amuse me until it releases
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    Official public chat?

    Do we as a community have an official voice/text chat? It would be nice to catch up with old faces and maybe meet newer ones.
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    your opinion on tribes wanted

    Hello guys! Im back and crave fast paced FPS! I taught i might take a break from Quake Live and hit up L:O and *Tribes: Ass-End*, but it has come to my attention that tribes ascend was abandoned by Hi-Rez and they shut down the matchmaking and no longer release updates. So i ask you, respected...
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    Desktop Backgrounds

    do you have the original, pic?
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    Galcon and AoA are still alive!

    there is a project going on on bringing MBO back, actually 2 of them: 1: 2: i suggest you contact this guy ^ via youtube if you have problems (i had some). he claims he finished the game completely but idk if he uploaded the latest version.
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    Legions is too sensitive to lag

    so every time there is some lag i get stuck in that limbo where i hear the sounds of the game but im stuck in mid air and cant move, respawn or chat i hope this will be fixed in the future cause i just cant stand it any more
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    Geting stuck mid game.

    This happened to me multiple times. I am playing the game and all of a sudden my character gets stuck. I can still see the light spinning on my rocket launcher and i can see the console messages abou flag capping, chat messages, i see the health bar drop when i get hit and i see the lightning...
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    Early Preview Weekend

    A few hours is nothing! Heck! A few DAYS is nothing! Im just happy i know when legions will be coming back. Hahahahha i got the invite!!!!!!
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    Legions Returns...

    will the files that we have on our computers left from IA be used or can we just delete them?
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    ¸Minecraft update question!

    So if you update Minecraft, will your previously saved games be also updated or will you have to start a new one to play it with the new content?
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    Computer crashing! PLZ help!

    looks too complicated dont wanna mess up my computer, rather leave that to the pros
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    Computer crashing! PLZ help!

    hahahah but how do i fix the problem?