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  1. Allahrules2

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    Post the little things in life that make you happy, concepts, ideas, candies, anything really.

    One big thing for me. I JUST LOVE HOW AFRAID SOME PEOPLE IN EUROPE ARE OF ISLAM. Oh dear god I sometimes see videos on Youtube seeing these retards predicting ISLAMS conquering of Europe. And then you see the comments and all these people shouting out insults and the like and oh dear god it just delights me. They are afraid of us from a continent away. We really mean no harm and those that do mean harm aren't really muslim (at least not good muslims) yet some Europeans are showing their true colors. There are some who are logical and rational and realize that Islam isn't going to harm them yet others turn into these racist bigot machines. It happens in America too. It really makes me happy the way these people are afraid of us it really does (does that make a bit crazy?).

    Hoping to see everyone else's contribution.
  2. A2

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    Cookies make me really happy. Also, pizza. :)
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  3. Allahrules2

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    You my friend are a great man
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  4. Vox

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    i like sleeping
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  5. ocarina_boy

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    Books. Like this one.

  6. Allahrules2

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    Honestly that gave me quite a chuckle......
  7. Dacil

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    music, drawing, and just to comment on your OP, welcome to the way ignorant ppl feel about Christians too, they group everyone into one huge group and don't understand the differences....and you're right, it's quite entertaining, sad, but entertaining
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  8. Disci

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    I enjoy my cat, wife, work and co-workers who are actually my closest friends. Weird huh? I enjoy good games where everyone are aiming for the common goal. I enjoy good music, such as D-Nox, Riktam&Bansi, Zen Mechanics, Rinkadink etc. I enjoy being right pretty much all the time and then make teens rage at me for being rude or whatever. I enjoy being finnish super human, the pinnacle of human evolution and the center of the universe. Simply said, I enjoy being me.
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  9. BeefThief

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    Generally, eating and sleeping make me feel pretty good.
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  10. SeymourGore

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    Lets stay on topic and not ruin Seymour's enjoyment of his breakfast with angry religious posts.

    Also, Seymour likes eating yogurt and cereal.
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  11. Allahrules2

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    Thanks bro.
    Do you like both of those together?
  12. SeymourGore

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  13. jago

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    i like rabbit stew
  14. Ucantry2run

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    Playing videogames with Darklord.
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  15. Strife

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    Chasing Ucan in UT.
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  16. 57thRomance

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    My girlfriend ^_^
  17. Jordahan

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    I like her t... I mean I like putting on fresh socks... >_>
  18. Heartsong

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  19. RedInk

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    Highly Accurate Prediction of Envy posting in this thread.

    "good weed"
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  20. U8er

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    Dat feeling you get when you've improved at something you strive towards.
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