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  1. Let me also preface this by saying I hope the admins or mods don't delete/close this thread because this is an issue that needs to be brought up, and will continue suffering when we eventually move to MidAir when the time comes. I hope to have a discussion here and advices offered. This can be done with civility.

    No need to be a douchebag, Egg is the nicest person I've met on this game, and always have been helpful, willing to take advice. Just look through his posts, it speaks for itself.

    You also need to speak for yourself because everyone plays pugs for different reasons, whether it's because there's some organization to it, or because people want to play and talk with others and etc. There's a million reasons to play pug.

    Like Egg said, unless you were there, you DON'T know what happened. I was the LO on the enemy team where Egg was Stay at home, he did a good job sniping me and killing me tons of times.

    Now you know how we feel when receiving hostility during pugs.

    First let me say this,

    Wildfyr and Darklord, you guys have been very supportive of pugs in the beginning, even volunteering for captains when no one else would, speaking up and encouraging team communication; but I sincerely hope you guys rethink some of the decisions you've been making that has dwindled the population of pugs. It's one thing to pm people about what they could do to be better, but it's another thing to wait until the end of game, then after everyone is in one channel on TS3, flame that person and blame them for the outcome of what should have been a fun opportunity. Even in close games, Darklord and Wildfyr search frantically to blame someone and have their heads on a pike.

    This is not meant to put any of you guys on the offensive, but rather empathize how we feel and how we (others that I've discussed this with) perceive the pug scene to be.

    There's been people that have left the pug scene permanently. I hope we can improve it, and the first step is to discuss it.
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  2. Accelerate

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    I would also like to add that no one is getting rich or famous from this game, and I highly doubt being "good" at this game is helping you with the ladies, or guys. Yes, it is fun to be competitive and winning is definitely fun, but as I said before, you don't get *chocolate cookies* from winning in this game, especially with a community this small. So, maybe it isn't so wise to be so mean to people and then hide behind the defense that it's "to help them" because some people just aren't interested in putting too much effort into improving themselves for a game. Also, the tone people use to "help" others is definitely not a tone that people are going to respond well too. Especially when you have people like Darklord flat out calling people terrible players and *Fireblasto* just going off on anybody and everybody should they make the slightest mistake, which is comical because you are not a top player. And I know, as well as everybody else, that these "constructive criticisms" are a major reason people leave such as me, Blink, Egg, Prophet, Doom, and many more.
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    When I was poked in TS3 about this thread I thought it was going to be about gameplay balance and improving PUGs as whole. Had I known this was a 'lets blame Darklord and Wild' thread it may not have gotten my graces. I'll leave it if it can remain somewhat civil.
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    I don't see what there is to discuss. There will always be an elitist group in any game, so my advice is learn to laugh it off because your online reputation hardly matters at all.
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    You guys are complaining about being criticized but you don't understand. Being a captain in a PUG can sometimes be very annoying/frustrating. I know, I've captained a couple times and lost like 7/10 times I've captained, but I've never really criticized anyone cuz I know I'm not really a good player and I'm playing the game for fun, some people take losing differently then others. If you want the PUGs to go differently and don't want to be criticized then speak up and *dancing* captain the dam games it's as simple as that.
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    Fixi might be okay to leave it, but this thread is pretty useless and I am much meaner than he is. The original poster of those comments removed them as obviously he felt they weren't helpful.

    Also this is not a problem unique to Legions, it's a problem that is faced by all games with small communities that have any sort of organized gameplay. It's due to the fact that the people you're playing with are always going to be the same and so those people will inevitably bump heads.

    I am not okay with naming and shaming and the fact of the matter is, captaining is hard, always has been, always will be. So if you don't like it or if you're unhappy with the way people captain, then don't let them captain? You are more than welcome to speak up and do it instead.

    If you have any questions or would like to continue this discussion further, please feel free to PM me.

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