Teams and Times for the Legions: Overdrive Summer Extravaganza!

Discussion in 'Competition' started by Apcizzle, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Congrats team Trippin Nutz.
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  2. discord

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    gg guys :)
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  3. poiuyt580

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    SO PRO

    Also, score?
  4. n33d 4 w33d

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  5. Apcizzle

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    game3: dZ vs tn.
    score: 3 - 9

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  6. Apcizzle

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    Thanks everyone for participating. I, for one, had a great time and feel it was very successful. Hope everyone else had fun too!

    Congrats to Envy and his team Trippin Nutz tn.
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  7. U8er

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    Good games, thanks to everyone for showing up and to the people that made this possible!
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  8. poiuyt580

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    Where does the money go?
  9. RockeyRex

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    My pocket.
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  10. Noober

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    i hope there will be more of this game... this has been my first no pub game and i never see so much teamwork. i was just respawning, going to other base and dying.. repeat this till the end of the game LOL.
    congratulations Tn!
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  11. jago

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    will team tn. stick together and defend their title in the next tournament
  12. Piggeh

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    Who (if anyone) recorded/shoutcasted the tournament?
    Edit: Congrats tn! T'was a fun tournament all around.
  13. Application-1

    Application-1 test bester

  14. Piggeh

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  15. Sharp

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    Congrats tN. Can someone post the players that actually played in each map?
  16. loc

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    very cool,congrats tN.
  17. The championship match.


    Ucan - sub
    Okenry - sub

    Only one map/game was played.
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    Now if people would give me their paypal... :p Or I could keep it.
  19. anak

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    GG TN!

    Application: Did you fraps your point of view of the game?
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    donate to legions