Team Leadership for Dummies - By Nept

Discussion in 'Competition' started by OmniNept, Aug 28, 2011.

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    Interesting data you have perceived and gathered in the roll of leadership. What better way than to share with the community?
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    Good read, learning Omni's history.

    also, have you guys taken the new expanding genre of MOBAS into consideration?
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    Not in a competitive sense, but a few people play them as a small distraction on the side.
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    MOBAS? Sounds like an STD
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    This is a good read and as always Nept as covered every angle throughly. I have the utmost respect for clan Omni and their membership, more so for Nept's leadership skills and accomplishments. For individuals that are trying to get some insight on leadership, i will offer the following. The 57th may not have the best win/loss record in Legions but we are the oldest and largest clan and I think we have earned the respect of others in this community. We orgainzed before Legions really knew what that was all about. We have played the best of the best but where are they today.

    We too have standards and I agree totally it takes time to assess individuals for memership in your clan. This is the MOST important responsibility a leader and their clan has to do. I will offer this from my experiences. It means squat how well you shoot, how fast you cap, or how large your personal score is. Knowing this, is how the 57th has endured through the years and prospered. The real reason anyone is here is to have fun, enjoy yourself and share that experience with others. Open your possibilities beyond just winning at all cost and remember the most important thing any clan has is your members. Keep your focus there and you will do well, you just need to set the right goals.
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    Respect 57th. You're one of the cool teams around along with void. Always think the best of these people.

    I've been a member of T1 team called "Caliber.357" since 2001 and even though there is only few people left from that team playing Tribes/Legions I still consider myself DisCi.357. It's a honor to be part of something that has been around so many years.
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    i ain't never seen such a tryhard post b4
    u haven't even vs'd the pros like zereck who hit 55-60 lg
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    wtf are you on about?
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    What he said ^
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    Muk, stop having your dippy friend display his stupidity on my posts and videos.

    Much appreciated.

    P.S. Above image was also much appreciated.
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    Thank you <3
    It was nothing.