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Discussion in 'Modifications' started by RedInk, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. RedInk

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    I made a reticle for my sniper today, it's pretty cool. Based on a real scope. Bonus points for the built in rangefinder:)

    Zoom Script is being developed.

    Version 2.1


    Version 2
    Preview 1
    Preview 2


    Just extract into the "Legions Overdrive" folder. Already set to "read-only".

    Version 1
    Preview 1
    Preview 2

  2. Freeman

    Freeman RAYTANG

    nice work

    "+"s the design itself is pretty neat, looks nice lined up nicely and such

    "-"s things big man. It would be cool if you could resize the reticule so it doesnt take up the majority of the screen, while keeping all the fancy numbers and such.
    -i also noticed that while looking at certain terrain, snow on frost or the sky in fallout, that it becomes pretty hard to see.
  3. RedInk

    RedInk Member


    I ran into the same problems myself, however I have been looking for a script that makes the reticle bigger when you zoom in. This would become very helpful, seeing that I should make the original smaller but have it grow bigger when zoomed. I will update it if I get my paws on it.
    I have been experimenting with the colors and such. Once more, I will update if I find a combo.
    I'm thinking red hue on the outside and an even lighter red on the inside, with transparency of course.
  4. w00tyou

    w00tyou Member

    Spread the arrows out like 30 px.
    Put a faint black outline that should help and add some grey.

    This is a problem. If you don't make a giant ret then when zoomed in it won't show up nice and big to aim with.

    Because... The devs took out 2 separate reticles for the sniper. (Duh you know - One Small for no scope action and one large for zoomed action.)

    Why did they do this? :confused:
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  5. Freeman

    Freeman RAYTANG

    I like the colour you have right now, maybe if you could just outline the border with black or something similar to what the current ones have right now.
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  6. RedInk

    RedInk Member

    Yea but I'm gonna hang around the script monkeys and ask if they can cook one up for me. So I won't have to use "SniperReticle_FullZoom.png"... or will I.
    And yes I am already aware that the second file is no longer in use into the game.
    Will Do.
  7. Abandoned

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    Nice reticles, similar big sizes compared to Lin's sniper rets'.
  8. RedInk

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  9. up_ur_guts

    up_ur_guts Member

    very nice ret mate, only problem is that if u use mid hud it will overlap but thats just life, go back to original hud placeing

    i tried to add abit of red to the top pointer aswell but when i open the file to do it i just find a blank transparent screen is there any way i can get around this???

    as for any1 having any problems with the size of the ret its quite easy to resize it urself, i knocked it down by 50% and it still looks spot on
  10. Vox

    Vox Member

    Nice work. The only thing that needs to be changed is that the reticle unzoomed is huge. You should set it so the reticle is small at no zoom and increases in each zoom level.
  11. Propkid

    Propkid Member

    I THINK that you can have a different reticle when you zoom from when you don't zoom. Would help it a lot.
  12. Arch

    Arch Legions Developer

    The script would have to track the zoom of the sniper and when it is zoomed in it will exchange the original reticle with the larger one.
  13. Comashift

    Comashift Member

    looks like this could actually help someone. Good stuff there!
  14. Ucantry2run

    Ucantry2run Private Tester

    BC2 nostalgia
  15. WildFire

    WildFire Warrior of Linux

    SO BIG.

    But I like, would probably try out if I played at a higher res.
  16. RainPilot

    RainPilot stinky bear

    It's from BF2 GTFO NOOB
  17. trinium

    trinium Private Tester

  18. legions

    legions Member

    how come my reticle is squashed and not like wide
  19. trinium

    trinium Private Tester

    Most likely because of the resolution you are using, or your playing in windowed mode.
  20. MJ1284

    MJ1284 Member

    You both are NOOBS because of playing those games.
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