Summer CTF Tournament

Discussion in 'Competition' started by SNAKEOPS, Jun 18, 2013.

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    Mark and myself saw about 4 players from T:A come play a week ago or so and we taught them as much as we could, described all the load outs, down jetting and all that good stuff. They really liked it and had a lot of fun. I agree with you though, the more "Vet Pros" that come in and play with these noobs and teach them/show them what this game is capable of will really turn out in more players staying.
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    I remember that game. I think I hosted the first shoutcasted pug on my crappy, crappy internet. I'm pretty sure I got MVP because I was ZP chaining, something reminiscent of the days when people thought Outlawl was a god amongst men because he hosted and ZP sniped. Good times.

    I miss running coordinated tri-route caps with Filter and Sketch. After our first loss way back whenever we started running that with all D (Nept sniping, Desk HoF, Zwei LD, Sly chase etc), was extremely fun. That's why I don't play much anymore, I find there's superfluity in the game that ruins it for me. That's a discussion for another thread, though.

    Best of luck with future tournaments and so forth. I still miss you douches.
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    If you'd play with us we'd make it happen. ;)
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  5. Very true. I'm going to make a thread about this with my thoughts and opinions.
  6. Yeah guys. If you see someone that you think is new, help them out. Don't kill them over and over, make them cap a few times, make them kill you a few times, whatever it takes to make them happy. No one likes being killed over and over, it'll just make them mad and eventually stop playing the game. Give them a few pointers, tips and things they never knew. Invite them into ts3 and chat with them! Just do whatever it takes to make them stay.
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    I disagree. Don't do "whatever it takes to make them stay", if they like the game they'll stay no matter what. I understand being killed over and over can be frustrating, but it can be motivation to improve as well. It'll vary from person to person, so ask the new guy how he wants to be helped.
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