Sorry ladies... I am going to marry this woman some day....

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Will Kirby marry her??

  1. Yes go for it!!!

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  2. Not a chance....

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  3. Not if I get to her first

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  4. Wait.... your telling me kirby likes woman??? Sad face....

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  1. Notice how I said some day.... so you still have a chance..... but only a chance.....

    People who know me, know I love my anime and japanese music.... even tho I don't understand a lick of it......I am not asian... but I like my asian woman so that has to count for something..... anyways here is my bride to be some day.....singing with one of my fave bands Back-on.

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  2. Heartsong

    Heartsong Member

    Quick question: why would you want to?
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  3. really??? she is hot. Idk maybe that cute punk rock girl is what gets me...
  4. ColoredSpades

    ColoredSpades Member

    If she's nice to you and fair to you.
  5. Armageddon

    Armageddon Teapot

    That sir is not punk.

    Trendy Scene look.
  6. Hmmm what would you call it then???
  7. Synista

    Synista Member

    Im trying to find a picture of this chick, but it's hard searching for a person who calls themselves "Me" lol
  8. 57thEnryu

    57thEnryu Member

    reminds me of a regular anime song....kinda poppy....
  9. 57thRomance

    57thRomance Member

    It'd be cool if I understood and spoke Japanese. Then, this song could possibly be one of the awesomest songs on my iPod right now.
    Looking at the chick, though... I think she would be quite a fun person to spend time with. However I wouldn't open up to her just yet. Make sure she wears a flower on her right ear and not her left ;)
  10. Skepsis

    Skepsis Member

    Lol Kirby Likes little Asian girls haha
  11. Armageddon

    Armageddon Teapot

    Who doesn't?
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  12. A2

    A2 Member

    Skepsis doesn't. Pfft.
  13. You, sir, have horrible taste.
  14. St3lth

    St3lth Backend Contributor

    With all due respect sir, horrible. Fret not you still have a chance :). This woman if she is Amuro Namie, than, her son studies in my school and have seen her around a couple of times. So if you want to get tight with her you gotta get tight with me. :p Also his son is in my little brothers class so its even more win :D

    EDIT: I also understand all of the lyrical content she is singing about so yea :)
  15. stefygraff

    stefygraff Private Tester

    See her, like her, bang her! Thats the way it is...
  16. Vinzyboy23

    Vinzyboy23 Member

    I don't understand a word that you're talking about. But, seriously, this guy has a good taste for women. But hell, he won't stand a chance anyway though.

    EDIT: Is that Amuro Namie!!!!!??????
  17. Her name is
    Koda Misono

    ! I LOVE !
    ". YOU ."

    Amuro Namie the inyuasha chick?? This is Koda Misono. Did some small time acting and did some decent songs. She said she was leaving the music bis and then one of my fave bands "back-on" asked her to do a song so she did it under the arist name .Me or something along those lines. Hope I didn't screw up the history or what not.
  18. w00tyou

    w00tyou Member

    Wtf are they saying?
  19. Here is the older sis =). More on the slu**y end of the fense tho..... Reminds me of an asian Britney Spears...... Skip to like 24 seconds into video.