Solutions for lag and fps in low end computers

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    Well, I'll be posting some of these solutions and you will definitely see improvements. Some of these are improved internet connection, frame rate, and keyboard registering faster movements.

    I'm not gonna go into too many details yada-yada-yada, I'll tell you which ones are definitely recommended and which are optional. This guide is meant for windows.

    If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to ask. And just a heads up, it's alot of reading because there are plenty to do to optimize your PC.

    We'll start off easy:

    Movement and Aiming

    We''ll be tweaking our keyboards so it accepts our movement faster when we press any buttons on the keyboard. Search the word "Keyboard" without quotations using Start button. NOT "Change how your keyboard works" just "Keyboard" or "Keyboard Properties" and open it, once you get there, go to Speed tab at the top, and then under Repeat delay: Make it all the way to Short. And Repeat Rate: All the way to Fast. Click Apply and then Press Ok.

    Then, search for "Change how your keyboard works". You can also find it by opening up Control Panel > Ease of Access Center > and then clicking on one of the blue link that says "Change how your keyboard works". Find the blue link "Set up Filter Keys" and then click on it. A new window will open up. Make sure "Turn on Filter Keys" is checked, it should be since it's on by default. Then, under keyboard shortcut uncheck "Turn on Filter keys when right SHIFT is pressed for 8 seconds". This will stop your game from being interrupted when you're down jetting for a long time. Click and fill the circle next to "Turn on Repeat Keys and Slow Keys" (Again, should be filled by default anyways). On the bottom, Uncheck both, "Beep when keys are pressed or accepted" and "Display the Filter Keys icon on the taskbar". Click Apply, but don't click Ok yet. Go back up a bit, and then click on "Set up Repeat Keys and Slow Keys". Under the question "How long do you want to hold down a key before your computer accepts the keystroke?" Make the number under it as low as possible (Should be 0.0 seconds). Then, click on "Slow down Keyboard Repeat Rates" to fill the circle next to it (Should be by default anyways). Make both of the time as low as possible. And then, click Apply and then click Ok multiple times to get rid of the other windows also if you haven't closed it earlier.

    Although, with this I don't notice a difference, and I guess .2 seconds shouldn't be that much but it can only help! .2-.5 seconds faster is better than nothing.

    (Optional)-I will be coming back to this and updating it with more information.
    Now, for aiming. You can edit your mouse sens down to a decimal in your prefs file. Open up legions file, go to Live > Legions > Preferences and then open up "prefs" with notepad, then scroll down to "$Pref::Input::MouseSensitivity = 4.95;" You can play around with this to experiment it.

    Internet Connection
    If you're using ethernet, but are also connected using wireless (for example, wireless) disconnect from your wireless network. Sometimes, if you connect to both, your computer may use the wireless option instead, for some odd reason.

    Sometimes, it's not your router/modem that's causing connection problems. To see if it's with your network adapters in your computer, find the internet icon on your taskbar. Right click on it, and then click on Troubleshoot Problems. This will have windows diagnose and fix problems, if there are any. When the question, "What type of Network problems are you having?" pops up, click on "I'm having a different problem....." Then, click on the third option, "Use a specific network adapter". If you're using Ethernet, click on that. Using Wifi, click on that. I'd be surprised if you don't know what type, but if you honestly don't, click on "All Network Adapters".

    If you recieve the following message,
    Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (DNS server) is not responding

    Then here is a method that would fix it:

    Use the Ipconfig command-line tool. To do this, follow these steps: Click Start, type command prompt in the Search Programs and files box, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator. At the command prompt, type the following commands. Press Enter after each command.
    ipconfig /flushdns

    ipconfig /registerdns

    ipconfig /release

    ipconfig /renew

    Doing this, usually fixes any lag I may occur in-game (I use wireless).

    But, if it is the router, then try resetting it and it should be better. Should take about 20 seconds or less to get it running again. Now, there are no excuses for any of you not to join pugs because of laggy internet connections (joking). Sometimes, calling your ISP can never hurt also.

    Frame Rate
    Now, if you have top notch computer, you'll probably won't be needing this. Although, it doesn't hurt to get more fps. I recommend legions lite by moronval, it's some good stuff. And if you can bother to read, it won't hurt on knowing how things in your pref file works. Here are the 2 links.


    (Credits to Moronval)

    This will clear out some useless stuff you have on your computer. Helpful stuff. We'll run System Maintenance. Open up Control Panel, and under System and Security, you should find "Find and Fix Problems" click on it. And then under System and Security again, click on "Run Maintenance Tasks" and run it.


    Another thing to do, is increase the performance of your computer itself. Open up control panel again, System and Security > System > Click on "Advanced System Settings" on the left. A window should pop up, click on Advanced Tab, and then under Perfomance, click on Settings. Then, click on "Adjust for best performance", click Apply and then Ok. Open up control panel again, Go to System and Security > Power Options> And then you'll see power plans. Try and mess around with some of them. I wouldn't recommend running "High Performance" all the time (I usually only run those during pugs).

    For higher performance plans, change around the settings, especially to increase performance. Next to "High Performance", click "Change Plan Settings" and then click "Change advanced power settings" From there, be careful but try to maximize performance around processor and graphics.

    Then, go to your desktop background. Right click on it, and then there should be something of a name of graphics card at the top of the list. Click on it. Look for something that says "Performance" as a tab. If you find it, make the minimum processor speed higher. Then click apply and then exit.


    If you know how to use Disk Defragmentation, Disk Cleanup, and CCleaner. You can go ahead and go try out legions. But, for the rest of you naughty kids who haven't been maintaining your computer at all, you will stay right here.

    Disk Cleanup: It removes any unwanted files from the system, basically deleting useless garbage.

    Make sure, if you know of files that you don't want, put in the Recycle Bin.

    Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup

    You should do this about once or every 2 months. Sometimes your computer collects temporary files that are unnecessary, they may take up disk space over time.
    When it launches up, it may take a while, since it's scanning disk. When a taller screen pops up in its place, click on Disk Cleanup Tab, checkmark all the files you wish to delete. (It won't harm your computer). Then, click on the "More Options". Under Programs and Feature, click on "Clean up...."

    Check the list of programs on there, if there are some you downloaded, but don't want anymore, click on the name, and click on the Uninstall tab. Remember, you can only uninstall one program at a time.

    After you uninstalled all the programs you don't want, go back to Disk Cleanup window and then click "Ok", on the bottom. It may take a while to clean.
    Defragment: Defragging your disk, makes your disk neater and makes it uncluttered. It helps your system's overall performance.

    Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools> Defragmentation
    The disk drive that you need to defrag is usually (C: , forget about "System". Highlight the (C: by clicking on it once or twice, then click Analyze. It may take some time, for older computers. But, newer computers will usually have it done by matters of seconds sometimes. When it's done analyzing, if it says 8% or higher, I would recommend clicking on defragging. It may take minutes, or hours depending on if you defrag constantly. Normally, these may need to be done if you download a large file like a game on a low end computer.

    CCleaner is a quote unquote "PC Optimization and Cleaning" Software. It can be downloaded here for free. Click on the green download button, and install it. Shoudn't take long, after that you should use the Cleaner and Registry options on the left.

    Also, use Task Manager. Open it up by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Sometimes, there are applications like another game or video that you thought was closed but is still running. Right click on the process and click on End Task if you want to close it. It can be done with programs that run in the background like Steam. Then, go to Startup tab, and disable any applications there that you don't want to run next time you reboot by right clicking on it.​
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    Just a note on defragmentation: do NOT defrag your SSD(s).
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    Some tips for Windows 7 computers can be found here: . Snake covered some of them above.

    These tips are not aimed specifically at squeezing out more frames for games but are rather more general tips aimed to improve your PC's overall performance, which, as a side result, may increase your performance in games.
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    If any of these tips involve editing the registry, for the love of god create a backup or system restore point before you go messing around with things.
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    Yes, it'd suck to mess something up while attempting to improve things. And so the very first thing the guy has you do in the video I linked is create a system restore point.
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    Solutions to Lag (Internet Connection):
    1. Move to America.
    2. Buy Seymour a beer.
    3. Invest in Ethernet rather than Wifi. (Also in higher quality ethernet cable e.g. Cat 6 as opposed to Cat 4)
    4. Use to check ping, upload and download speed. Compare this to what is promised by your ISP. I suggest you contact them if there is a large difference between youe "promised" internet speed and the results from
    5. Close all other programs when playing Legions. (You have no idea how many people leave torrents running...)
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    And steam always decides to update a game when there's an intense standoff.
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    Luckily, none of them are. I was going to add one for eliminating mouse acceleration, but I'm not sure. Maybe I'll update it sometime later.

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