So, apparently some of you have problems with Hotswap TX...

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by GReaper, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. GReaper

    GReaper Grumpy

    ...but nobody has posted a pingplotter report. :(

    Please follow the instructions in Diagnosing network related issues and post a reply in this thread.

    Thanks for your understanding and have a great day!
  2. SeymourGore

    SeymourGore Flatulent Cherub

    Please post pingplotter results instead of the 'I ping high on TX, but ping lower on other server' replies.

    There's not a whole lot that can be done without pingplotter results.

    Seymour will even sweeten the pot and give a free 'like' to pingplotter posts!
  3. Smokin-Gunz

    Smokin-Gunz New Member

    There is mine.

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  4. GReaper

    GReaper Grumpy

    I see absolutely no problems with this pingplotter report. Were you having any problems when you were running this pingplotter?
  5. Severance

    Severance Private Tester

    I haven't had any issues but, I told a few people who were having problems the other day to post. Looks like that went well.
  6. Smokin-Gunz

    Smokin-Gunz New Member

    There were some instances where I would be running a route, lag momentarily and lose all momentum. Similar to hitting a ghost wall.
    2-3 times a game roughly. Don't know what to say..

    Need more people to which we can compare results to I guess. The whole 20 of the community members so to speak.. :p
  7. henryred95

    henryred95 New Member

    here's mine

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  8. GReaper

    GReaper Grumpy

    Given your location the high ping is expected, but there's no packet loss.

    Only problem is the rather large ping variance you seem to have, although that only happens later on and I'm guessing it caused an issue for all hops (including the first). Check to see if anything else on your network is uploading any data.
  9. WhiteHawk

    WhiteHawk Member


    Yea i don't even know what this is but i did it...
  10. Bestking

    Bestking Member

    • - [US] Element Town servers
    • - [US] Texas servers
    • - [US] Hotswap TX
    • - [EU] servers
    • - [US] Pickup server
  11. WhiteHawk

    WhiteHawk Member

    Kk thx.
  12. GReaper

    GReaper Grumpy

    Not enough samples, follow the instructions again.
  13. WhiteHawk

    WhiteHawk Member

    ok i did the ping plotter thing for the texas server.

  14. GReaper

    GReaper Grumpy

    Follow the instructions again, I want 1000 samples for Hotswap TX.
  15. Bestking

    Bestking Member

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  16. Armageddon

    Armageddon Teapot

    1000 Samples, Seemed every 20 traces the ping jumped to 220+ at hop 11.
    This also proves that Dallas sucks, has always sucked and will continue to suck for the rest of recorded history.

  17. GReaper

    GReaper Grumpy

    I'm going to close this thread, as absolutely nobody has shown any problems.

    Just a small note to anyone who forwards messages to me that certain people are saying the server lags - don't bother. Get them to submit a pingplotter or STFU.

    Please and thank you!
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