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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Caputalis, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Caputalis

    Caputalis New Member

    I put up the USA-AZ dedicated server, and it shows up in the web server list but not in the games server browser.. Whats up with the master server?
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  2. Caputalis

    Caputalis New Member

    Guess new servers, or people hosting are blocked from the legions master server, is this true?
  3. yami

    yami Private Tester

    I think @Xzanth is the master on this
  4. Xzanth

    Xzanth Legions Developer

    There's no blocking going on, both the web server list and the game server browser use the same master server so I don't know what could be causing this.

    Are you still experiencing the issue?