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Discussion in 'Modifications' started by RockeyRex, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. RockeyRex

    RockeyRex Legions Developer

    This script plays a sound (that you may naturally replace with your own) when you get a hold of the flag.

    Extract the Zip archive to "live" folder. This is where the Legions.exe is located.

    No need to set anything read only.

    Your Legions must be up to date!

    Download here!

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  2. moronval

    moronval Private Tester

    t h a n k you holy crap
  3. Disci

    Disci Old man

  4. Daphinicus

    Daphinicus Private Tester

    Rockey, when I get home, your new uncompiled scripts are the first things I'm grabbing, which will make them the first mods of anyone's I've downloaded. Superb work, bud.
  5. Propkid

    Propkid Member

    Will this be integrated into Legions by default? It should be...
  6. Disci

    Disci Old man

    Dear RockeyRex...

    Yours truly, disci
  7. U8er

    U8er Member

    Nice, thank you! :)
  8. IzRaPiDz

    IzRaPiDz Guest

    Nice matey, thankyou :)

    btw where did you get them sounds from?
  9. Velocity

    Velocity Member

    This is GREAT! Its what I've been hoping for since the release.
  10. Disci

    Disci Old man

    It's actually a chewbacca's rawr which I found by googling a bit. That is speeded up by Legions and I had to change the file to mp2 and modify the script to use mp2 file's.
  11. RockeyRex

    RockeyRex Legions Developer

    Legions + stereo wav = Randomness
  12. 57thPhoenix

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  13. JF_097

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  14. IzRaPiDz

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  15. You are one of the few guys who make mods that really improve the gameplay. Thanks!
  16. LunarSolstice

    LunarSolstice Member

    Quick question: do I merge the mods folders together?
  17. Immanent

    Immanent Member

    The box is kinda blocking the text box, could it be possibly to update it so that its in dead center-left of the screen like it was on IA?
  18. RockeyRex

    RockeyRex Legions Developer

    Talking about FlagHud?
    And no, I'm not planning on making 10 versions based on requests.
    However you can mod it yerself. Open the FlagHud.cs file with notepad and edit these lines.
    %this.setHudElementPosition(%index, 10, 525);
    %this.setHudElementPosition(%index, 52, 525);
    %this.setHudElementPosition(%index, 55, 525);
    ...and change the 525 values to about 300.
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  19. Immanent

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    =THE_TROOPER= Private Tester

    I'm officially following you \o/