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    I originally started the Summer CTF Tournament to create competition, and a lot of people are enjoying it and having fun.

    (It can be found here, http://forums.legionsoverdrive.com/threads/summer-ctf-tournament.5231/)

    Ever since the tournament started, pugs have been happening nearly every night. Which is good, but it may suddenly die again. The CTF tournament which I have mentioned above created some good times, but there have been some ideas about how to better create more competition, and fairly balanced games at the same time. The Summer CTF Tournament will still go on provided there's still enough teams.

    Basically, Summer CTF Tournament + Pugs = Random Scrimmage.

    Here's how it goes if you're not following along here, we have run into some problems as a community in different areas. For example, we needed people for pugs and sometimes even a full server of 20 players back in the old hotswap wasn't enough, as some 10 people would still refuse to download ts3 and get into pug. Another is that EU clans, LA clans and some others could not join the competition. Some players in the clans expressed interest, but others didn't want to join. And the third problem is stacked teams, as we've seen in the Summer CTF Tournament.

    This Random Scrimmage effectively knocks out all 3 problems. The Random Scrimmage will be players signing up here on this thread by saying that you would like to participate etc. and if you would like to captain, please say so also, (I will update player lists on this thread, admins can help also if I'm gone). Once enough people have signed up, captains will start selecting players in order, just like in pugs. First captains to come, will start first. So sign up right away. You will be notified if teams are formed, and you are picked by a pm on forums, in-game, or on ts3. Rules are still the same as in the thread above, but I will post it below.

    If both captains cannot choose on a map, the new custom map (Not defender's) will be chosen when it wins the next competition.


    This tournament will occur on 1:00 Pm Central, 12:00 PST, 2:00 Pm EST (7pm in UK, for you euros). Teams may change the time if the opposing team they're scheduled with agrees.

    (Time may change once school starts, although it most likely will be done on weekends)

    Rules are that it must be a minimum of 7 players each team (Captains will decide on how much per team if more than 7). And captains must also decide on the number of games they will play beforehand, (Minimum of 2, and must be an even number), team scores will add up, and the winner will go to the team with the most points.

    The reason the number of games must be even is, if a US team is scheduled with a Euro team, half of the game will be done on a US server and the other half on Euro.

    For example: Team 1 and team 2 decides to play 2 games, Team 1 wins first game 8-7, Team 1 and 2 tie the second game 7-7, Team 1 wins with the total of 15 points.

    Maps will be chosen by the captain who wins the coin toss which will be done by a mediator (Most likely an admin or moderator).

    After map is chosen, both teams will have 3 minutes to get ready, and an extra 2 minutes if they call for it. But, it may not exceed 5 minutes total.

    There are no rules on tactics deployed by teams in the game, they may have 2 HoFs, 5 snipers, or whatever it may be. Choose your tactics carefully, and good luck.

    Please do not post anything other than the team name, and roster. If you have questions, send me a message.

    Player sign ups:

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    I will sign up.

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    If you have any concerns about this, please let me know. Any advice or point outs will be appreciated. Some are that time schedules will be hard to make. But, teams will consist of 12+ or more, so 7-8 players showing up shouldn't be a problem.
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    It's redundant.

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    Me too!
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    Sign me up as well.