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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jaymyster, Feb 8, 2014.

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    I've thought about this suggestion for sometime now, but like other times, my lack of pubs lately has somehow pushed me finally make a thread about it. The BR is a good weapon, not bad at all. But it's under-use in pubs/pugs (in my opinion) is due to it's lack of effect on shooting the flag. The fact that the rocket is able to move the flag in desired directions and that the BR literally does nothing to the flag, is a big determinant of why rocket is chosen over BR in game (once again imo).

    I simply think the BR should be given some sort of push-back/flag control (not necessarily to the degree of rocket's effect) for it to be considered worth using more in CTF matches (not just duels).
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  2. k e v i n

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    i actually like this idea, i've used the BR a couple of times just for fun, but i stopped using it because it's not able to do more like the rocket can

    also, you're able to nade boost with the BR, without getting the damage over time. but could it also be able to super nade boost without getting that damage over time as well? :)
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  3. WildFire

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    Any buff that ends the overwhelming usage of chain rocket grenade is a welcome buff.
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  4. loc

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    There has been talk in the past about a weapon that would make the flag carrier drop the flag when ma'd and maybe it's time to try it out with the BR.
    I realize that this happens in TR already but I think it needs to be limited to one weapon and the one that sets you on fire gets my vote. (for now)
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    Yeah BR is hella difficult to hit midair too +1
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  7. a20z07

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    Isn't it identical with rockets, in terms of projectile speed, hitbox size, and inheritance?
  8. Fixious

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    It's no more difficult than the rocket launcher. They both have the exact same velocity. It can move the flag, but not very much. I could see it getting a buff in that area.

    As for forcing flag drops, well, you'd have one less player playing this game if that happened.
  9. loc

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    It would probably have to work in a way I believe Seymour once described,lets say with 2 consecutive hits within a certain time frame it would knock it loose.

    And yes,Anfibio would definitely stop playing. :D
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    You're probably thinking of that 'grip mechanic' idea from the testers forum, at least I don't recall a 'BR' knocking flags loose idea. I'll sneak the grip idea in here because mean ol' Popo still hasn't allowed me to open up the Testers forum to the public (yet).

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    SNAKEOPS Member

    I think the grip system is actually pretty sweet, allow cores to work when you have the flag, but then incorporate this grip system.
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    I'm going to make one last reply to solidify my purpose of this thread, and hopefully it will be much more clear where I'm coming from afterward.

    For the most part, it's pretty much essential to have a ground and pound weapon when playing a game of legions. We have two weapons that specialize in that purpose (as in, guaranteed explosion on impact), Rocket and Blaster Rifle. Rocket has a significant effect on the flag, while Blaster Rifle has little to none. If our true desire is to have a choice within the weapon classes in legions, then we would need to give BR the essential ability to move the flag in desired directions (to some degree at least). Otherwise, there is no choice- and it will stay that way.

    It still may not be fully clear why other weapons aren't specifically being used such as plasma (still has more flag control than BR), but I'm quite confident that this is the primary reason for why BR isn't (because it's certainly not the damage).

    Edit: Hopefully this question highlights my purpose a bit further. In the heat of battle, would you use any other weapon for controlling the flag than rocket?... I don't think we are fully aware of the monopoly that rocket has over flag control... To give a weapon the strongest effect on the flag is one thing, but it's another thing to make it the only means of controlling the flag; thus making rocket almost a requisite to be equipped.
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