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  1. would this be something people would want to start up again?
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  2. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    Depends on which players show up for it, honestly. I'd probably be down for it either way I guess. If games were changed to a best of 3 format to guarantee at least 2 games it'd be nice. Waiting around for an hour or so just to play one boring game of Frostbyte isn't worth it.
  3. Poponfu

    Poponfu Lead Developer

    I would , I miss muk's friday pug nights.
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  4. Jordahan

    Jordahan World Leader of The 21st Century

    Depending on the day, I'd play.
  5. Krakyn

    Krakyn Member

    PUG NIGGGHTS!!!!!!!!! :D
  6. Ucantry2run

    Ucantry2run Private Tester

  7. Poponfu

    Poponfu Lead Developer

    Should just do 1 night (friday?) at first imo.. remember what happened when fire left the pedal down.
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  8. Krakyn

    Krakyn Member

    fire smashed the oranges.
  9. nil

    nil Private Tester

    I'm in. I'd like to try some of the new maps in PUG format.
  10. tree

    tree Member

    I'm in, so long as it's on friday or the weekend.
  11. Armageddon

    Armageddon Teapot

    As long as its not FB, NIVO, ZEN i'd be up for it.
  12. Armageddon

    Armageddon Teapot

    PS.. shaska, change your Ava. Looks to much like HeartSongs.. makes me confused and super sad.. :(
  13. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    More Elegiac, please. If Zenith got the Blade Run treatment that'd be nice, too.
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  14. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    8pm EST has generally been the time most PUGs started before. Starting earlier could allow for more EU players though.
  15. Poponfu

    Poponfu Lead Developer

    i'd go with like 9 or 10 pm est.. west coast people need to get home.
  16. i think 9 est would be best
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  17. Heartsong

    Heartsong Member

    *Care Bear Hug*
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  18. Anti_Envy

    Anti_Envy Private Tester

    I would but I'll be in South Carolina this Wednesday and I don't get back till the 29th. I can make PUG nights after I get back.
  19. Application-1

    Application-1 test bester

    This euro has vacation for a week. Lets play vidyagames.
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  20. Perfection

    Perfection Member

    So Pug night attempt #1 tonight?